Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Strange Week so far

Been messed about by estate agents, have a friend who's sick in hospital, dog got an infection, weird money stuff going on, raining, yoga body glow, massive new work commission (will tell all when confirmed), all high class problems my end -
Rach x
oh - and a poodle who crosses his legs ALL the time


  1. Sounds like a surreal jumble of very unpleasant, quite strange and very exciting things. All the best to your friend, good luck with dealing with the icky estate agents and sorting out the weird money stuff - and of course, with the New York commission which sounds very very exciting indeed.


  2. P.S. A most sophisticated gentleman this poodle. Very agreeable!

  3. Hi Rachel!
    Sound like so busy for various things around..
    Maybe time will tell...let them will be OK.
    I found there are many things over our control by this disaster in Japan.
    BUT we keep going forward with HOPE.
    Oh! Good to hear your massive new york commission.CAN'T wait to know what it is!!

    Please say hello to a poodle who crosses his legs ALL the time..

    Much LOOOOOVE!! Tomoko oxox

  4. From "new work" to "new york" in a blink of the eye. The mind sees what it perceives – most of the time.

  5. Oops, indeed it does! Well, if it's not New York, hope it's that Almodovar got in touch right away and booked Rachel to write the score for his next film :-)

  6. That’s better Ms Wisty, that’s way better. Now here’s L E A H Y for Rachel.

    A rainy day and money woes, friends sick and hospitals, doggy paws and body glows and massive workloads. Sounds like a job for Mighty Mouse. So here I come to save the day, Rachel.

    Take it or leave it, but here is what I would do, if I were you, Rachel. I love a rainy day and a little turmoil, for what better excuse than to sit back and listen to Leahy.

    “But wait,” some say, “this is not layback music, this here is finger tappin’ music, for god’s sake! Where is the layback?”

    Well, if the money situation makes you blue and nervous, Rachel, you can just nervous tap those blues away with Leahy. I love these girls Rachel and I think you will too.

    There, I hope I have brightened your day. This starts with ragtime and ends with a little ditty, Rachel.

    Tommy DisCool

    Ps; How do you like your eggs? Over easy and I’m done, Rachel, I’m outta here for a while.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    sorry to hear about all of that going on. some good, some not so, but I hope it all works out, and your friend feels better, and the pooch feels well soon too.
    I love it when dogs cross their legs, my Summer always crosses her front legs. Very ladylike. She's from the South you know.
    Enjoyed the pics!


  8. Hola Rachel,

    I hope everything will be alright. All my best wishes to your friend.

    The poodle is so funny...I love his face in the second picture.

    I'm off to bed...I've been skating. Who said sports are healthy??? I can't move a muscle, I have tendinitis in my left arm, a headache and a cold.
    Good weather here today, after a month full of rain.


  9. Sorry to hear you are having some ups and downs. I am sure things will work out.
    Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope your friend gets well quick.
    The poodle is a cutie. I too love the crossing of the legs. I have a few pictures of my dog (rest her sweet soul). I have one of her under the blanket with her head sticking out and her legs crossed. It so adorable.
    I love the pictures.

  10. I am now convinced today was the day of days. Me and Bea experienced something scary and strange; the director of a program I adore (and I adore her, too) experienced something scary and unusual; this program officer at the Casey Foundation, also.

    And now, HERE!

    At least you are glowing, though. OM. yes OM.


  11. Poodles rock!And so do you!!!

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  13. Well, I don’t know what to tell ya about all that. I guess just fire, pray, medicate, investigate, avoid, gloat, get ready to celebrate, oh, and marvel. All in that order.

  14. lovely to see you blogging again. Have only recently discovered you're blogging once more-which is wonderful. I've had a strange week too but I wont go into that. You're a high class chick. You're bound to have High Class problems.I hope they are resolved as soon as possible

    all the best


  15. It's quite a lot you've got going on, isn't it? You'll get through.

    Looking forward to hearing about your commission.

    LOVE the cross-legged poodle eying up your


  16. Love you .. so happy you are back sharing your music.. We miss you so much.

  17. I'm not sure which is worse,a full moon or it's absence in total? I think the radiation for the disaster in Japan caused a sequential falllout across the US.The news says don't worry,yet my face is sunburnt without having been exposed to any sunlight this week.The Feds are testing grass and cows milk just across the Mississippi River,in the bottoms of Waterloo Illinois(my personal motorcycle proving grounds).We've all been burnt I'm afraid.I pray I'm' is fortunate for Japan that their reactors were in the east side of the nation.The trade winds saved or is saving millions,while in America we are 66 years after the terrible bombs suffering radiation,while unintended and exponentially less powerful,equally fucked up.Scary shit.

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  19. Great reading your post's again Rachel!

  20. Hi Rachel,

    I remember this silly leg-crossing dog! Isn't this Crackers?

    :-) SO CUTE!