Saturday, 5 March 2011


So - i now have written the music for all 6 songs - i have lyrics for 3 of them. so today, i will endeavour to write 3 sets of lyrics. Pete kindly said 'if you need any help" and i was tempted to say "you do it, yes, you do it", but that wouldnt really be playing fair. so wish me luck. i find music so easy to write. i sit at a piano (guitar) and it literally pours out of me. lyrics - not so - the first draft is always full of cliches and cheesiness. But i do believe the real art is finishing things - so here i go.

so far i have one line for All About my mother -
"I'll tell you about a streetcae named desire"

you have what i have written so far for Tie me Up, Tie Me Down

and the for Almodovar i have

haha - its a start -
wishing you all a good day,
speak later - R x

ps i am looking to ragged to share a photo


  1. Looking too ragged for a photo? I don't believe that for a moment. In any case, very kind of Pete to offer help but that would make the songs less yours! I think...

    Excellent work on the lyrics of Almodovar so far. I am convinced that once you have the first word down, it is easier to find more to add to it. :-)

    I like it that you have a reference to the play in All About My Mother! I can never help thinking of Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh when that play is mentioned but it'll be really interesting to see your take of the relationship of the stage play within the film and the story and characters of the film.

    Good luck, plenty of energy and everything good for the work! xo

    Much more boring writing work for me, gotta finish an article. Bah...

  2. I am happy to see you back - good luck, and great pic of you looking not so ragged!

  3. morning Rachel.
    Good luck with the writing, I am sure by now the creative juices are flowing for you.


  4. oh, 10 Williams and New Orleans.

    Enjoy the writing process which takes time (I find it does, but I would struggle with the music).

    drinking coffee here. yum!

  5. Hi Rachel. You don’t have time for this right now, but maybe you could give a listen later on. Right now you have to get your raggedy ass to work and write the lyrics for three songs quickly, and without any input from Pete. Why would you do that? If I had Pete at my side and the clock was ticking I would cheat, cheat, cheat. If you run out of words – like Steve Forbert often does (lol) you can always revert to the “too long too lang too lang, and he’s so fine” or if “too lang” doesn’t come to mind, just ooo, ahh or hum a few chords.

    Canada’s Jesse Cook is not a big player on the world stage, so you’re probably not acquainted with his work. (Jesse was born in Paris) If you take a moment and get to know a little about him, I think you will come away excited. Here is a little FIVE minute story he tells and a small sample of his music. I think you’ll like the music, but I’m absolutely sure you will enjoy the LITTLE STORY about the weird idea that he had – or was it really so weird? I’m at a loss here, but you probably know the answer.

    Hopefully the link will take you directly to the video page. BUT if this link takes you to his HOME PAGE – and it just might do that - please click on the VIDEOS tab at the top of the page to hear the story.

    Here are few tunes by Jesse Cook that I think you’ll find interesting.

    Tommy Discool

    PS; Gilbert Sorrentino said he was criticized for telling his students at Stanford to always go with their strengths. “If you can’t write dialogue, fuck-it, don’t write dialogue, go with your strengths.” That’s what he said.
    And, oh, you can’t play guitar well enough so you call on Buddy for his technique and know-how, but when it comes to Pete, you don’t want any lyrical input because that would be a cheat? I don’t get it.

    I called on him once and he did a fine job with me!


    “The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war,” everybody knows that.

  6. Perhaps one more thing, and then I’ll let you go.

    HEADLINE: Rachel Fuller announces that she plans to spend a little more time and expand upon it.

    When it comes to writing lyrics, just write let a saxophone, speak like a sax. It’s as easy as that.

    But saxophones have been known to wail well into the night. “Creative writers must never cry in their work, let the readers cry, but the writers cannot wallow in it.” Or something like that, I’m not good with quotes. (Sorrentino)

    Now slap me silly - and let it go!

    Rattle and Burn – the Spaniards think this is Rock-and-Roll. Good for them.

    Are you a nighthawk? I am.


  7. Rachel, you're hilarious.

    I ENVY you for being able to compose music. I consider myself a musical person but cannot FATHOM being able to create a melody. I cannot! Writing words is much easier for me.

    RE: "But i do believe the real art is finishing things - so here i go."

    LOL - I think I know who you got that one from. :)

    Looking forward to your lyrics! I think they'll be great, and fun, and whimsical and strange and funny. Just close your eyes and go.