Thursday, 3 March 2011


So - im still up and writing - have decided to write a piece simply called Almodovar - on spanish guitar.
And also landed the music for All about my mother - piano.
tomorrow i am spending the day in a "proper" studio to work with a guitar player who will be playing the spanish guitar on the almodovar song - my playing is simply not good enough,  - ill take some video -
and then saturday ill be writing lyrics, and sunday recording in my studio - all 6 songs, and mixed, and pete is here to play guitar on all about my mother. And i had a fabulous sail today, and took video of it with me squealing and singing A life on the ocean waves - smoking a fag and shouting ship ho. but it wont upload.
probably a sign. so wish me luck - love love R x


  1. So did you have one of those sailor caps? And I thought sailors all smoke pipe.

    A real proper Spanish guitarist? That'll be good. Good luck with tomorrow's work as well as the final recording and mixing on the weekend. Will be a real privilege to hear the finished songs.


  2. Oh, I hope you can upload the video Rachel. Id like to see it. Maybe tomorrow it will for you.;)

    I enjoy Spanish guitar, I can't wait to hear what transpires. And of course you on Piano, always.
    You have some big 3 days ahead.

    I look forward to your finished music. It's been such a great week following along with you on this project. Thanx :)


  3. I to have been enjoying your post of your music. It is such a enjoyment. I am excited with every treat you post for us. It like a gift from you to us.
    I to enjoy the Spanish guitar even more so when you play it.


  4. When it comes to men and women, Rachel, we all know that men are the best mechanics, but women make better astronauts. When it comes to courage, I think men have written more about that, than women, and I think they’ve done a better job. They have written the best words and placed their subjects in the best circumstances and had them carried out in a very professional manner.

    But how accessible are these men’s books, for the average woman to understand. Well, some men actually write for a woman, or at least with a woman in mind. Kudos for them. Some men write for themselves, and some men write for an enormous audience, of which they know not one.

    Allow the woman reader to take away what she may from these men, let her walk away and place that same courage in her own domain. Take that man’s courage, give it to a woman, and put a woman’s name on it.

    Now, when it comes to courage as shown by a child, or lack of courage, or innocence gone wild, I’d have to go with Mark Twain, but I’d give a nod and a wink to Harper Lee.



  5. You deserve a day of sailing. Hope you had fun. I'm enjoying seeing what you come up with for each movie. I have now seen four out of the six. It's very difficult finding Talk To Her and Volver but I'll keep trying.

  6. I was thinking about tomorrow, Rachel, and I thought of this...this is for you - with passion.

  7. Sounds like a plan, stan. Good luck with the recording Rachel, hope all goes smoothly.

  8. I just read up on All about My Mother.(I have no access to viewing) (another Penelope Cruz) Almodovar sure knows how to put a twist on plot.

  9. oh happy day! glad you had fun sailing.
    looking forward to more sublime music!

    thanks for doing this, Rachel!

    I love you.

    Your most mental fan (who works very hard to appear normal),


  10. I am only sharing this because I think you will laugh:

    I am one letter of recommendation short for a job application.
    I tutor an 18 year old guy and his dad in English on Saturday mornings...guess what TOMORROW'S lesson is?
    "How to write a letter of recommendation (for Sue!!)."
    The dad cracked up when I told him that this afternoon. He's game.
    (I will only correct their spelling, mechanics, etc. I won't tell them what to actually WRITE!).

    I am mental, like a FOX! :-)

  11. Brilliant way to start Spring...didn't know you were back and glad to see it!

  12. Looking forward to Sunday's update, Rachel! :)