Friday, 25 March 2011


So was at the Royal Albert Hall last night, in a box, and the president of Island records said to me, "have you ever played here?" and i thought dont be silly, and then i remembered that i had. Ive done some amazing things you know. Also had a very friendly cigarette with a group of fellows who referred to themselves as the lost boys, as over the years they had become famous for missing the best bots of particular events by being outside for cigarettes at the wrong time.
What else - suns out, spuds still alive and im sending my Almodovar music to the man himself in Madrid - and have had the lyrics translated into Spanish.

love rachel x

ps - YeS - but are you REALLY happy?


  1. Ooh! Let us know if you get a response from Almodovar! Good luck!

    I think you're in a good position in life if you can say 'wow, I've done a lot and quite amazing things.'

    I've not doing half bad. Planning things to come. (Re)watching Little Britain. Last night laughed so hard I was sure I'd wake up the neighbours. God I love to laugh like that.


    P.S. Thumbs up for Spud!

  2. Sounds like you have having some very exciting times and meeting some nice people.
    Yes please let us know if you get a response from Almodovars . :)
    The Sunshine and Spud my your side and your wonderful, beautiful music you have created. That is wonderful. :)

  3. ooh, music on the way to the 'man'. very cool. Love to hear his response Rachel!
    Sun still out? Completely jealous. All My Love to Mr. Spud xx

    Yes, you have done amazing things, and are still doing amazing things :)


    ps: if you're asking me....nope, not happy. There, said it.

  4. I'm only ever REALLY happy when I've got one foot over the line...POWER AND VOLUME,right?

  5. Is it Saturday yet? Of course it is. And what better way to begin a Saturday, than with Joni Mitchell, eh Rachel? I know she’s one of your favorites along with Stevie Wonder, but what I don’t know is this. Did they always meet your aspirations?

    Court and Spark – my one and only Joni Mitchell Album. It really must go down in history as her classic. That’s probably why I bought it. It’s a little more Pop than all her other works. Other works which some people absolutely adore, but I’m not in that league.

    Joni was leaning more toward the masses with “Court and Spark,” but that’s all right with me. I don’t mind a little Pop. The lineup just blew me away. Everything from Robbie Robertson - Raised On Robbery - to David Crosby, Graham Nash and Jose Feliciano (sounds like Rocky Marciano eh? doesn’t look like him at all) from Cheech and Chong to Max Bennett and Tom Scott – oh my Lord, the list goes on.

    Yeah, I can see why you adore this talented, gutsy, tasty woman, Rachel.

    But I can’t understand why Pete hates Led Zeppelin, as he does?

    Here’s your favourite little girl now, Rachel, acting all grown up, and having fun. More fun than I would have ever imagined. I love it when Joni is having fun, and oh Rachel, don’t we just love to see others all around us having fun? It reminds us that life can be oh so whimsical at times - and that always makes my groin tingle. That’s probably why I like it.

    I suppose Joni had to make this Album, just to prove that she could be bad. So she stacked it with a bunch of talented people – cool. These two songs are badass for her.

    Good Morning Rachel,


  6. I don’t understand why Pete hates Led Zeppelin, as he does, Rachel?

    “Just because Jimmy Page was admitted to Mensa, and Pete Townshend wasn’t, is no reason to still hold a grudge - in my humble opinion.” - Bill Murray.

    Now Rachel, as a serious comic actor, I must admit, Bill Murray didn’t really say that. I just did.

    I think Pete would roll with laughter if he heard that line from Bill Murray. But coming from me, I don’t know! I do it deadpan and I think Bill would too. It’s a punch line, that’s preceded by a five minute story from Pete about why he didn’t like LedZeppelin, you know everything from A to Zee, and then Bill ends the little skit with the punch line.

    I come from the other side of the tracks, but I’d like to think that both Pete and I could share a laugh over that. Because I think Pete admires witticism. Yeah, I think he’d laugh if he heard Billy Murray say that on stage, or in a movie, or in a London bar.

    Tommy DisCool

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  8. love the lost boys bit. so funny! glad to hear about spud the miracle hero dog of pooches. awe. bea is real old and she's got these dangly pouches underneath. so, the sun is out here and she and I care quite a bit about it. yeah.

    one should never be really happy. one needs some dangly bits and to be able to relish defiance rather in the way my Bea does when she strolls outdoors tired, reluctant, the sun a visor blade across her eyes. Then the red wing black bird calls from the tops of reeds and what have you, and the ducks make their sounds, the sight of another much younger dog, enlivens her and she shakes herself out, looking back at me with that grin a boxer gives. She struts herself around, feeling good and waving herself into an oriflamme. yeah.

    very glad you send the music to madrid! neato.

  9. Yes you did play at The Albert Hall with Jerry Hall (Hall at The Hall) and Pete. I still have the Poetry Olympics book to prove it. :D

  10. Is Pedro expecting the CD or will it be a surprise? But how much fun for you anticipating the response which I'm sure will be one of pleasure and appreciation, something to add to your list of accomplishments. Will we get to hear the Spanish language version I wonder?

    Happy is as happy does.

  11. The thought just occurred to me, wouldn't it be great if Almodovar invited you to write the musical score to his next film? Isn't he about due for one?

    And wouldn't that make you happy?

  12. Hola Rachel!!

    Are you going to send the music to him??? How exciting!!! I hope you will get a response!
    I would love to hear you singing one of the songs in Spanish.

    If you need any help with the translations, let me know.

    I'm very glad to hear about Spud, good for him!


  13. Looking for the Artist

    When you were a young woman, Rachel, my son said to me one day when we were driving in his car, “Listen to this and tell me who it is?” I listened some, and then I listened a little more, “Wow, I don’t know.” I said. “Take a guess,” he said. So I did and I was wrong. “Guess again,” he said, and I guessed again, and again I was wrong. “One more guess,” he said, and a good thing that he did, because I was stumped, and my guessing would have gone on far too long, and before you know it Friday would have rolled by, and I would have been no closer to the artist.

    Some of the best music I’ve ever heard came from a movie score, Rachel. And some of the worst music I’ve ever heard also came from a music score. And oddly enough, I find that some of the music cannot stand alone without the picture show, whereas some of it can, and so it does. It’s too bad that music cannot save the world. Oh sure, it can save the odd motion picture, but I can’t recall one single instance when music saved even one human life, let alone the entire population – but I may be wrong.

    Here is what I was up against that day, in that car, listing to that music. The answer will pop right out at you unless you are blindfolded, Rachel. So this ain’t no test, it’s just a little remark.

    Tommy DisCool

  14. David Lynch’s first movie had a soundtrack that deliberately tried to drive the listener, the moviegoer, crazy, absolutely insane. Daniel Lanois did something likewise with Slingblade, it was also crazy, but Daniel scaled it back a little and it was listenable, even the death scene. These were certainly not Hollywood sound tracks.

    I can see this music being used during war, especially if you have the enemy under siege. “Put down your weapons and come out with your hands held high in the air, or we’re going to blast you with Eraserhead and Slingblade until the cows come home!” A sweet surrender and nobody gets hurt.


  15. Texas Hold’em

    Is that what you were playing Rachel, when you had that hidden Ace.

    I forget exactly where it was, but I remember it was not up your sleeve.

    Tommy DisCool

  16. Hey Rachel, did you see your little interview from RAH up on winkball?;jsessionid=745F4C98DC30E9F5D62447294C152023

  17. RACH!!! Lovely to see /hear you again! LOVE "Streetcar" esp.
    Oddly enough I have been watching that film a lot lately.

    Sadly, I lost my Darling Mum this past November. She couldn't live without my dad and soon lost interest in everything. I miss her dreadfully.

    Anyway~ glad you have this blog and happy to see all the familiar names here!

    Much Love to you~

  18. Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you. We lost Tom's dad in November, and my mom passed away earlier this month, so I know what you are going through. It's been a tough year!

  19. Freeze Frame

    Hi Rachel, I had a lot of fun with that link to “winkball.” I love the last line. Was it rehearsed? I think I’ve heard it before ... or perhaps in a dream.

    I gotta give those kids at “winkball” a nod, Rachel. Their video of you, enjoying a cigarette, was as clear as a bell, and it had a fabulous still-pause quality to it. I soon discovered that with just two quick-clicks of the mouse, I could make you pose! And so that is what I did.

    Over and Over again, as fast as I could, click-click, Hold the Pose Rachel, click-click, Hold, click-click, now stick your tongue out and close your eyes, click-click, good girl. Now pout, click-click, Hold, now wrinkle your nose, click-click, make a funny sound, click-click. Eighty-eight poses in all, Rachel.

    You have lazy gray eyes, the colour of slate, luscious full lips, gifts from the gods and an almost surreal nun-like aura. Ken Russell probably could have used you in The Devils, but that was before your time.

    Anyway, we sure had fun making faces at each other, Rachel. Just you and I, making faces at each other for twenty minutes. It was fun and I couldn’t help laughing. I am a simple man.

    Okay, enough of that, now let’s get down to it, Rachel. Given that Jane Vasey (rip) was classically trained, but made a living playing the blues, I’d like you to help me with this, if you feel so inclined. I have little to no knowledge of the piano and what it takes to play it.

    Rachel, is Jane playing the blues strictly by the book, or can you hear some deviations in there, is there any classical influence at all, anywhere? Or is it just blues by the book?

    We had a lot of fun tonight Rachel, thank you.

    Here’s Jane...

    Your Good Friend,
    Tommy DisCool

  20. Hi Rachel

    Am I too Late for a cd?


    Lance (

  21. Thank you, Carrie~ It certainly has been a horrific year for us both. I'm so sorry for your loss and Tom's. God give you Peace.

    Thank you again for your kindness in writing.

  22. Very cool that you are sending your music and lyrics to Almodovar! I was wondering if he was going to hear the finished project. Good for you.

    I just pulled an all nighter listening to my friends' radio show- Delbut's bandmate and his friend Caz - they were on a community internet radio show in Wales. It was good fun. I was sitting at my laptop giggling and singing away! Caz has a friend named Rachel Fuller- but she's from's not YOU! :)
    Anywho, next show they're playing YOU!


  23. And so Six Quick Ones it was.

  24. Wooohooo *music to the man himself*.. you have done amazing things!!!