Tuesday, 15 March 2011




  1. Thanks for posting this. Animals are often the last thing on people's minds during such disasters and their situation is heartbreaking too.

  2. So happy to see your post for the animals I have been getting it out there as well. I always worry about the wild and tame animals and pets and the sea animals and creatures with any disasters. For a lot of times people tend to forget about fthe animals. All year long I give to animals Charity's. IFAW’s is a good one too and the IFAW’s has a office in Tokyo.

  3. Rachel, thank you for this post.
    I am always happy to see organizations rescuing the animals aswell.
    Thank goodness for these organizations. ( I always think, in disasters, oh, what about the animals )


  4. Hopefully once rescued they are moved far far far far away from the looming nuclear disaster. Such a nightmare for all life in Japan. :(

  5. Dexter,Sugar,Emmy and Athena,my pack, are all around my chair,those loving eyes prop me up everyday.I can't imagine them suffering.My toughts turn to the pets lost and suffering in Japan on such a major scale.So very sad. I am feeling well enough to give work a go.Wish me luck...Cheers

  6. animals were definitely a first thought, a definite concerns for me, from those on land to those in the water. thanks for this.

  7. WE CAN NEVER DO ENOUGH - from Orange, Dragon, Biggs, Bobby, Trouble and Noir.



  8. Dear Rachel, it ain’t the weekend, but this came to mind so I wrote it down and then I typed it. So, it’s no big deal to pass this along, Rachel. I hope you know how to read between the lines. Don’t let me down.

    This is called: Take A Picture for Paul

    Dear Linda, you caught me by surprise. I was blind sighted by love, I believed in you.
    You are cut from strange cloth. Plaid on one side - and nothing on the other. I believed in you.
    Two hundred million smackers lay dead in your pocket, with daddy written all over.
    Not a dime for Old Yeller or “The Breast” – by Philp Roth! Now you can go to hell, Linda.
    And she cried, “I gave it all to Paul, it was Paul, it was Paul, it was always Paul.”
    Two hundred million smackers – she was dead upon arrival. I believed in you.

    Tommy DisCool

    And now Rachel, because this takes no time or effort, I’m going to give you a classic – at least in my mind – a classic that I wrote in 1995. Well, maybe just a piece of it. Remind me to put it into context sometime. Here is the line: “It’s easy to choose when there’s only three choices: Atheist, Agnostic, or Another.” Read it like a chant! I feel agitated so I’m going to listen to some music and forget about it.

    Take Care

    PS; The Breast is actually one of the best books I’ve ever read – too funny for words, so take a backseat Kafka. You’ve been dethroned.


    PPS! Here’s Old Yeller – there is always hope. Once you see Old Yeller, you can never forget.


    Did Old Yeller make me cry? Well fuck, I was only a child. I was Eleven.

  9. Tommy D: I read Old Yeller exactly when i was 11 too! I was in the back of my dad's tiny little orange Datsun station wagon (imagine not being buckled in!); reading it on a long road trip, bawling. One of my earliest memories reading a rather substantial chapter book as a child.

    Had the Benji book too...