Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Having a very lazy day today - had brunch, bit of shopping, going to get in the purple onesie, then read until nap, then dinner, then episode of HOUSE. yoga tomorrow. im so inflexible. and my yoga teacher won't let me smoke while i do it. whats that about? rachel x


  1. Hugh Laurie rules! I heard that those onesies are now a city clothing trend too. Might be erroneous information. Have you seen them around in London? As far as yoga, are you not supposed to get more flexible as you progress? Perhaps your yoga teacher is afraid that you'll accidentally set yourself on fire with the cigarette while doing those... whatever the movements in yoga are called.

    Very sleepy day, perhaps should leave the kittens alone and get out in the sun.

    Hope your day progresses enjoyably! x

  2. I think the no smoking is for your own protection. Once your teacher gets you sorted out, a dangled cigarette from your mouth could very well burn your ass. Then where would you be? Walking like a penguin, watching tv standing up. That's no way to live.

  3. haha, a fire hazard I suppose. But, it would relax you and you'd be more flexible?!

    This day sounds perfect.
    I love those lazy days.


  4. What a fine day it sounds for you. I love to read and I watch House. Enjoy your yoga class.

  5. I think you had better concentrare on yoga without cigarette.
    You can smoke as much as you like, can't you?

    Enjoy your class.
    Yoga is good for both your body and mental.

    Tomoko xx

  6. My schedule has been so busy lately I've been unable to keep up with my fav TV shows. Did Cuddy break up with House? Love that show!
    I keep saying that I'm going to add yoga to my exercise routine, but if you are inflexible, then I know I will have a hard time! Guess I'll stick to swimming ;)

    Denise x