Saturday, 12 March 2011


.....just thought id share that.
Already thinking up a new project - R x


  1. Hey Rachel, good on you, here's to a great week!

  2. And I'm happy you shared that! There's nothing else to so effectively put a smile on your face than someone telling that she's been happy today. Nothing more, nothing less. People don't do it enough, I can't imagine why. It seems easier to talk about things to complain about.

    I've not had a bad day and you just added that extra smile to it. Thank you!


  3. that's awesome Rachel. I like to hear that!
    Oh boy, a new project on the way :)


  4. Yeah - It's good day sunshine here. Feels like a Saturday should.

  5. Hi Rachel, I’m happy to hear that you’re happy too. So here’s a happy tune especially for you. Please take a two minute break – and another diversion.

    “Look at that folks! He reached into his pocket and pulled out a single.” LOL

    I don’t know if you have time for this Rachel. Truth be known, I don’t even know if you like cartoons.

    Here is my typical Saturday morning, when I was a child, Rachel, without exception, from eight until noon. The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Dale Evens (happy trails to you too) Sky King, Mighty Mouse, Rocky and Bullwinkle – and some dumb fuck professor, The Cisco Kid (and Poncho) Gene Autry, Betty Boop, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. End of morning! Now it’s High Noon, and it’s time to play outside in the bright sun.

    It’s a shame what happened in Japan last night. If it wasn’t for our high flying news, I would not have known about it until the next ship arrived. Information overload, I don’t want to hear about it. Yet I do!

    Remind me to tell you what I wrote, when that great big wave washed ashore back in 2004. Or maybe not, there has been plenty said already, so why one more?

    I think I may have a solution for you Rachel, if you want to mess around with the electric guitar in future, but I need to think about it some more before I post it.

    Oh shucks, why keep you in suspense. I’ve thought about it long enough. Here is the answer. It’s easy on the fingers.

    Daniel Lanois “Death of A Train” in E-minor – lol – I don’t know what key that was in, I just know I like the sound. When it comes to train songs, Dan’s death of a train comes in second. Night Train – by Bruce Cockburn is number one.

    The reason I put them in that order is because the night train makes the sound of someone getting away, whereas Daniel’s train, slows the tempo, and the train becomes ghostlike and off in the distance. If I were to reverse the order, in effect, I would resurrect the train. And there would be no death. Actually come to think of it, Daniel does try to rescue that train in the end. Oh yeah, I remember now, a guitar kicks in and the train begins to roar again before it dies out.

    Your good friend,
    Tommy D_____

    PS; I found this to be terribly funny when I saw the original on Saturday Night Live, and for good reason! But you may find it to be terribly stupid. Andy was getting paid big bucks and you never knew what you were going to get for your money. Here’s Jim Carrey.

    Here was my last thought before I posted this, Rachel, “Okay let’s go with it … what the fuck.” I’m just kidding, I didn’t post it then, I hesitated, that wasn’t my last thought. Instead, I lit a cigarette and sat back. “How will this read to someone that doesn’t know me,” I thought, “and how will it sound? Is this funny? Is there any intelligence here? Is there purpose of mind?” Dunno!

    But at the root of it - “Will Rachel find some enjoyment here?” Ultimately that is the question.

    That’s why I said, “what the fuck,” after I said, “Okay let’s go with it.” Because I just don’t know what her thoughts will be if she spends some time with me. And that’s half the fun. When you get to throw your hands up into the air and say “what the fuck,” cause you just don’t know.

    “Either post it or destroy it boy, now what’s it going to be?” a wispy voice whispered to me.

    "Fuck it..." I thought.


  6. Sunshine and 60 degrees always make me happy in the winter :) It is good to hear that you are too!

  7. I am happy TOO!
    The sun is shining here TOO, finally, Denise.

    Going to a poetry reading group with a bunch of ex-pats today. I finished the lyrics to a song I was working on. I may share lyrics that I wrote years ago...but I am shy about sharing my OWN stuff. :(

    Glad you are happy and brewing up another project, Rachel.

    You definitely have tiger blood.


  8. Hi Rachel!
    Can't wait to hear about your new project.
    I love to join and support it at any time!

    Tomoko xx

  9. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

    Go on, girl. Get your happy on.

  10. Hi Rachel, I found the little story that I wrote back in 2004 and I thought you might find something in it, so here it is. It's called, "Children of the C" and I hope it has some dignity.

    The news arrived and we were all surprised on a warm and sunny day. The mighty wave that so engrossed but cannot pull us asunder had washed ashore. Some will not comprehend the meaning, if there be meaning, as to why the earth must be washed and cleansed in such a forceful way.

    Must the earth be baptized in such a senseless manner? Can we ever forgive this wall of heavy water that swelled from the depths with foam and rage and devoured all in its path?

    Before we answer we must consider this: this wall of water chose to reject some, albeit for reasons beyond our ken. While it encompassed a multitude of souls and embraced a number of children, for some it did not beckon.

    And though the mighty wave accomplished its task of taking many children and friends to sea, and returning them from whence we came, it did not diminish our numbers for more than a day. Today there are more people than ever walking the earth to mourn and ponder the fate of this latest wave. We will not be denied.

    Seen from afar, from the nearest star, all was peaceful and quiet.


  11. I'm happy you're happy rachel. Having a lovely lazy Sunday after exercising. Looking forward to news on your next project.

  12. Glad to see you are a happy girl Rachel. Wow cool that is fantastic news that you are working on a new project. Can't wait.

  13. Hi Rachel, I hope you’re still in high spirits today. It’s always nice if you can get a few of them in back to back. But we both know that life is not just one great big picnic. There will be ups and downs. It’s not all clear sailing from here on in. No, there will be moments of sorrow and thoughts about the sadness that surrounds us. It’s hard to get away from it all, television is a constant reminder.

    While you’re working on your new project, I’d avoid the telly, I wouldn’t go there. I’m not suggesting that you smash it, or put it in the closet, I’m not suggesting that you deprive others from the enjoyment they get from T.V. Allow them their privilege. But, if you were to miss the Royal wedding, would it break your heart? If you never heard The Who open for CSI again, would it kill you? These questions, and many more have no place here, they are only meant to make you smile.

    I’m going to tell you something that K.V. told me a long long time ago Rachel, when you were a little girl. “I am often asked to give advice to young writers who wish to be famous and fabulously well-to-do. This is the best I have to offer: While looking as much like a bloodhound as possible, announce that you are working twelve hours a day on a masterpiece. Warning: All is lost if you crack a smile.”

    That wasn’t meant to be funny, Rachel, that was suppose to make you think. I say that because that’s what Vonnegut does.

    He also told me this: “If a literary experiment works like a dream, is easy to read and enjoy, the experimenter is a hack. The only way to get full credit as a fearless experimenter is to fail and fail.” I find that to be both serious and funny, and that’s not always easy to do. I call that Cool.

    I have something I’d like you to hear. “I played Angry World for one of the kids that works for me. He’s pretty much a hardcore metal guy. If it doesn’t have a big-ass riff, he won’t even listen to it.” That wasn’t intended to be funny, but I smiled like hell when I heard it. And this made me laugh out loud, knowing what I know about this, because it’s the truth. “I have a nice Mercedes car. I never drive it. We keep it in the driveway as a playback sound system.”

    If you don’t have time for all of this Rachel, please jump to the “Project Concept,” at the 7:50 mark. Your new project will be wildly different from this, but it should be cut from the same cloth. I was going to say, “if you get my drift,” but there’s no drift to be got. It is a direct statement!

    So, we learn that the key to any new project, is honesty and truth and trust and dedication – it’s as simple as that.

    Take care Rachel,

    Tommy DisCool.

  14. oooh- more?

    :) Thanks Rachel - you lift spirits.

    - Lucy

    lol: post verification: wivair (Cockney for wanting more of your music)

  15. ;Del....

  16. So here we are in the middle of day three.

    Appetite on hold, decaffeinated coffee – yuk.
    Just kidding, Columbian all the way from Brazil.
    Ahhh, the bitter sweet taste of love.
    James Bond eats yogurt, so it must be okay!
    Some thoughts for the day.
    Here’s Black Dub, Rachel
    To keep your spirits at bay.
    It’s almost like a poem, eh?

    Tommy DisCool

    Okay, that’s enough work for today,
    Cause Little Tommy wants to play.

    A bitch of a stunt man took that fall.

  17. Hi Rachel, I said work was done but I forgot to send a farewell note to my sister-in-law. She flies out of Buffalo tomorrow, to New York and then on to L.A., to spend a week with her daughter. So here’s what I had to say. Do you think it was appropriate? I do. But that’s a long story.

    Subject: TO MY SISTER (in law)

    But Surely – you gotsta have fun…
    (end of message)

    I kept it short and sweet with a little tongue in cheek.
    Silver Lake – Ha! As if she’s going to be in those hills.

  18. Hi Rachel, just sittin’ here playing around, it’s a bright sunny day, and I thought, should I bring this to your attention. Would she put two and two together and think that it’s cool? I ran that through my mind. She might think it was cool if you asked her an innocent question, I reckoned. So here goes:

    You may have heard Daniel Lanois say he was in Vegas last summer, living on Margaritas and not getting much sleep and that he was working with a guy named Flowers. Well anyway, he co-wrote one song with this guy Flowers and he produced it. I don’t know if you’ll like the song, or the way that it’s performed, but that doesn’t matter, because the question doesn’t require it. Here is the question. The song was co-wrote. Now who do you suppose said what?

    How do you co-write a song? Do you just exchange lines, “Okay you do a line and then I’ll do one.” And then what, do you intermix them one for one? Or does someone get to write a little more than their share of the song? You know, not exactly a 50-50 split down the middle. How is it done?

    So here’s the question Rachel, and not to worry, it’s rhetorical. Who do you suppose wrote what?

    If you take that question seriously, Rachel, the lyrics are at your fingertips. Type-type-type-type-enter.


  19. Hi Rachel, I didn’t want to see Debbie leave for L.A. without one more song from me. So I sent her this little ditty.

    Here’s one for the road, Deb. A nice song and nicely done.

    Dan brought this show to Dallas, Debbie. Remember that big old bar on Baton Street next door to the Hockey Rink – where I saw Blue Rodeo twice, third time was at the Tivoli Theatre on James near the armories. But anyway, I couldn’t get anyone to go with me to see Lanois when he played Dallas, so I missed it. Figured I’d catch him next time around but he never came around again. Godammit. I could use a drink.

  20. Now that Blue Rodeo has been mentioned, Rachel, I suppose we should say goodnight with them.

    Twice I grabbed a seat near the keyboard player, Bobby Weisman when they played Dallas. (He left the band after the second album.) Bobby was as near to being crazy as anyone I’d ever seen on stage. His keyboards blew me away. They were covered with multicoloured paint. They were Beauty! I watched him run a beer bottle up and down the keys more than once. But if the bottle wasn’t within reach, he had no problem palming or backhanding either the black or the whites keys, sometimes both at the same time. He was Beauty! If I told you what he was doing now you would cry.

    Here’s how one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books ended, I forget which one: “Make me young. Make me young. Make me young.” I think it was in his father’s voice, but I really don’t remember.

    Here’s two from Blue Rodeo when they were young, and one when Jim’s a bit older and crooning.


    Good Night,Rachel
    Tommy DisCool