Thursday, 24 March 2011


The sun is out - im about to do some yoga (that doesnt sound right to me),
Feeling much jollier -
have a good day,
Rachel x


  1. Unfortunately the image of you smoking a ciggy whilst doing yoga enters my head now whenever I am in down-dog and warrior...I light incense just to get over it...chanting ooooommmmm ... envisioning an old pack of American Spirits hidden in a velvet pouch in the closet.

  2. Why? Are sunshine and yoga somehow contradictory? Well, of course there are far easier ways to take in the sun than to try to stretch yourself in inhuman positions - e.g. enjoying a cup (or preferably several) of good, strong coffee in the sun.

    The winter is threatening to return here, which I am very displeased about. Most disagreeable.

    However, I'm very glad you are feeling jollier!

  3. and I am an insomniac. EVEN with yoga and swimming .... but it's alright. I'm incredibly late for work, but that's alright too.

    you're alright, too. the sun is out everywhere!

  4. Glad you are happier today. I am still not doing yoga, but I hired my former trainer to come to my house and do an hour of kick boxing with me every Monday morning!


  5. Hi Rachel!

    Yoga shapes your body, breath, and reset your heart...
    Hope you get a POWER from the earth by doing Yoga
    Glad to hear you feel better.
    I love your smile..

    Take care,

    Tomoko xoxo

  6. If ya do it well enough, maybe the yoga will return the favor and DO YOU!

  7. Sunshine! That’s all you really need in life to make you feel happy, Rachel. Well maybe not everything you need, but it’s full of vitamin D and it has plenty of energy.

  8. Sounds like you have great day lined up Rachel, enjoy the sunshine!

  9. Hi Rachel,

    "jolly" is good!! How'd the yoga go? Can you share some of your sunshine please?


  10. Four Mondays in a row TGIF tomorrow.Rain/snow here through the weekend. In a way I'm glad,I won't be as bummed to be stuck inside finishing my bathroom overhaul.Arrgh painting sucks...

  11. Hola,

    That's fantastic!!! Keep the good mood.

    I've been skating (with rollerblades), so I need a good sleep!


  12. Sunshine and yoga are both wonderful. I try to get a little of both into my life every day, even when it rains all the time here. It's actually been quite nice the past few days though, which is a welcome change.

  13. Sittin’ here listening to Gnarls Barkley, Rachel, and I wondered if you might like this tune, seeing that it’s Friday and I have no idea what the sun is doing, whether it’s big and bright in a deep blue sky or whether it is cloud stricken and gray, but I think Gnarls can cut it either way.

    In case the sky is gray and Gnarls didn’t bring any blue into your day, Rachel, here’s something really bright. This here is driving music all the way from sunny Jamaica.

    That’s an old Tenor Saw song - Ring The Alarm - but you’d never know it.


  14. Winter came back to the midwest today. YUK! I should be swimming, but will go this weekend. Instead, I am in my PJs drinking a nice cup of hot green tea with honey.
    I'm glad you are back to yourself :)

    Denise x

  15. Hi Jolly Rachel. Glad to see you are getting some sunshine. Here to but in the 30's. (degrees) To cold it is spring. These are below temps for this time of year. Just nice to have some sun.
    Hope you enjoyed your yoga class.
    Have a great weekend.
    By they way I thought you might like to know and join for I have been doing this since WWF (World Wild Life) started this On March 26, 2011, pledge to turn out your lights at 8:30 pm for Earth Hour, a worldwide collective display of commitment to protect the one thing that unites us all--the planet. So If you like for that hours starting at 8:30- 9:30 turn off you lights. :)