Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Its been a strange couple of days. I am deeply saddened by what has happened and continues to happen in Japan. It brings great perspective. I feel powerless also. which i am.
Writing about anything else right now seems trivial - all is well, as are those i love.
Staying out of mischief for a while - you'll be the first to hear.
Life is beyond my control - thank goodness,
Rach xxxxx


  1. Powerless is a good word. And so many of the rescue workers in Japan must be feeling powerless - looking for those disappeared, feared dead; the refugees in the evacuation centres running out of food and medicines because there is no fuel to deliver them what they need...

    Whatever mischief you'll get into, it'll be good. In the meantime, stay healthy and in good spirits. x

  2. That's the thing about life. There are times it is beyond our control, human or nature. It renders us feeling powerless - perfect word. The images and videos are mind blowing. Entire towns just gone, the loss, the confusion.
    The World is praying for them.

    Glad to hear, when you are ready for some mischief, we'll be first to know ;).

    be well, xox

  3. going to participate in a three hour chant and fundraiser for Japan this evening. we do what we can.

    hugs to everyone.

  4. Yeah pretty much bad news anywhere you look these days. Guess it's time to put on the headphones and spin some of your favourite music. Catch ya later Rachel!

  5. I'm heart-sick over it too. And I agree - everything else does seem trivial suddenly. I was thinking just this evening how we all feel so helpless, though we want to help.

    And I'm reminding my early-teen son how good he has it. He's starting to "get it."

    I do like the Japanese way of handling this though - Just do the best you can and leave the rest up to God. Comforting thought.

    Let's all just keep praying...

  6. p.s. I'm also very angry at whoever the genius was that decided major fault lines were a great place to build nuke plants, "earthquake-proof" or not. It's like storing your ammunition by the fireplace.

    It's all about greed and boasting and bigger and better and faster and taller and more extreme and more outrageous than the next guy. Same with those extreme skyscrapers, etc, in Dubai, etc. (you couldn't pay me to go up in one of those cloud-piercers)

    When is enough enough?


  7. Good morning, Rachel. I thought you might want something to read this morning with your coffee, and I thought, maybe Rachel is wondering just what “Sonho Dourado” is supposed to mean.

    Sonho Dourado simply means Golden Dream. Toto Caelo means All of Heaven.

    Portuguese and Latin.

    When it comes to the sound of “All of Heaven,” or “Toto Caelo,” I think Latin wins!

    But when it comes to “Sonho Dourado” or the sound of “Golden Dream,” the dream is more soothing.

    So, I guess it would be fair to call that a draw! One win and one loss, for the English.

    And who, would have ever thought, that the Japanese people would be nuked twice, make that three times! Who would have ever guessed this would happen. That this could possibly happen? I have no idea what the Las Vegas odds were! I don’t even know the actual wording of the bet. Some people will be on anything, given the right odds. We are a strange lot.

    How utterly devastating life must be on the other side of the planet. So far away, yet in my face, I must face the entire world, every day. It’s too bad we can’t cut back a little. I was thinking maybe three perhaps four billion people on the planet would be comfortable for all. But no, we insist upon racing upwards to perhaps ten billion people before the Empire State Building falls.

    Forget about the year 2525 and Zagar and Evens, and forget about 2012, it will come and go just as 2010 did. But when we reach the ten billion plateau in about 50 years – then watch out. But until then, try to relax, get a proper tan, and some decent sleep. That’s about all you can do.

    Tommy DisCool

  8. scary and sad times indeed. I hope this all works out, but like you, I feel powerless also. The company is matching all donations to red cross, will give for sure, but wish I could do more. What really bothers me is the level of mis-information out there. The U.S is saying one thing, Japanese government saying another, people stuck in the middle. If I were there, I'd be on a plane out of there.

  9. I've been glued to TV for days, brings me right back to Three Mile Island back in '79. Terrible. Frightening. Lots of prayers go out to Japan.


  10. Sorry about the crummy music Rachel, I certainly didn’t mean to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee, a cigarette, and some juvenile music. Here’s what I really wanted to say. I think it’s always nice to start the day with something soothing. I’ve begun some days with J.D. Souther and Steve Forbert and always found them to be soothing.


  11. Here’s Van the Man with some more soothing music, in case you want to have another coffee and cigarette, Rachel. Here’s Van Morrison at his very best. He had a few other decent tunes, but this is by far his best.

    Okay, it must be approaching noon by now, Rachel. So let’s get back to reality with the best from Don Henley. Here’s Henley at his best.

    Now let’s get some work done. I see no reason to just stand around and look at each other.


  12. Here is some good news in the middle of chaos and fear. UPDATE ON THE TWO DOG FRIENDS IN JAPAN: CNN and the UK Telegraph have both reported that the dogs have been rescued since the footage aired, and are both receiving veterinary care; the more seriously wounded dog is at a clinic in the city of Mito, while the protective spaniel-type dog is receiving care at a shelter in the same town.

    Here is an English translation of the voiceover exchange between the two reporters in the clip (translation courtesy of Toshiyuki Kitamura):

    We are in Arahama area. Looks like there is a dog. There is a dog. He looks tired and dirty. He must have been caught in the tsunami. He looks very dirty.

    He has a collar. He must be someone's pet. He has a silver collar. He is shaking. He seems very afraid.

    Oh, there is another dog. I wonder if he is dead.


    Right there. There is another dog right next to the one sitting down. He is not moving. I wonder. I wonder if he is alright.

    The dog is protecting him.

    Yes. He is protecting the dog. That is why he did not want us to approach them. He was trying to keep us at bay.

    I can't watch this. This is a very difficult to watch.

    Oh. Look. He is moving. He is alive. I am so happy to see that he is alive.

    Yes! Yes! He is alive.

    He looks to be weakened. We need to them to be rescued soon. We really want them rescued soon.

    Oh good. He's getting up.

    It is amazing how they survived the tremendous earthquake and tsunami. It's just amazing that they survived through this all.

  13. Life is beyond our control.
    We can't control NATURE....
    I've been thinking Why did NATURE angry at us..

    It is thankful to live normal life.
    I really found that by this earthquake.

    ALSO,I'm glad to be here, surronded by you and wonderful friends since ITA.
    Please keep in touch and take care.

    Tomoko xx

  14. We've passed the (hard) hat at work.I am in the electrical business,the donation will go to the nuclear generating plant electrical workers and their families.Every little bit helps,wish I could do more. Happy St.Patricks Day as well... Danny McCullen-I.B.E.W. Local#1 Wireman

  15. Thanks for that translation, Amanda!

    I knew the videographers would secure help for those dogs; I could tell they were concerned by the sound of their voices.

    (aside: when I first saw that sign for Arahama, it looked to me like Alabama)

  16. I hear you Rachel. I feel so blessed to have a job and a home to go home to and all the nice things I have and so on. Sometimes we take life for granted and that is normal but when tragedies strike, It makes us think how lucky we are. It also puts us back on track. Blessed that we are. At least since we are safe in our lives we can as you have done and I and others donate to the people of Japan and the animals. My heart goes out to all of Japan.