Tuesday, 22 March 2011


But then thats not necessarily a bad thing.
And i have been thinking about a new project - as soon as its landed ill let you know.
It will involve 10 songs - arranged for string quartet piano and voice.
Sounds square? It won't be.
I'm still a bit sad.
I'm a little nostalgic this evening.
Someone not in my life who should be.

R x


  1. No, it won't be square, that much is certain. Whatever it turns out to be, it'll be good.

    Feel better soon. It may not necessarily be a bad thing but still, one never wants people one cares about to have a reason to feel bad or sad.


  2. Hi Rachel, here’s today’s word: perspective. I was going to save it for Friday, but I thought, what the hell, maybe Rachel needs a laugh or two – and NOW!

    Sometimes we have to take a step back and put things in their proper perspective, and then bingo, it all falls into place. Ahh, the proper perspective, it’s our saving grace. This is called “Friday” and it’s taken from a certain perspective, but I’m not sure if it’s the proper perspective. Ahh, “Friday!” If nothing else, at least “Friday” helped Robinson Crusoe on the Island of Despair, and in returned Crusoe helped “Friday,” or was that visa versa? Either way, it falls into perspective.



    Okay, enough with the Tomfoolery, Rachel. HERE JANE VASSEY with DOWNCHILD BLUES BAND. She was full of exuberance and pretty as a peach. She died far too young. Leukemia killed her when she was thirty-three. She gives us a little snippet from “when the saints go marching in,” at the one minute mark, and then some call and response, and then eventually she takes it all home. (That’s Donnie Walsh, the leader of the band, on xylophone.)


    There , now I hope you’re in better spirits. I’m looking forward to your new endeavor.
    I have something special for you, but it can wait till Friday. “I have a good mother and her voice is what keeps me here.”

  3. Fuck it. I’m taking Friday off! Here’s “The Sound Of” and “Good Mother,” for your listening pleasure, from a chubby little girl born and raised in Springbank Alberta.



    IN HER OWN WORDS – HUMOUR IS A GREAT DEFENSE MECHANISM. She has a broken heart and she talks about the pacemaker that was inserted when she was twenty and her love and devotion to her parents. Jann has fourteen acres and her parents live fifty feet from her. I think you’d get along with her, Rachel, despite her sexual orientation – which is to say she’s a lesbian, let’s not make any bones about it. “A funny lesbian that likes to write sad songs,” I thought. Yeah, I think she’d be okay with that.


  4. Yeah, I for one would like to see you get back and record a full length album again. You set such a high bar with Cigarettes & Housework, it's a daunting task. I like the possible lineup, but don't think it should be limited to only that lineup. Whatever sound serves the music.
    No reason why you can't add a percussionist for a song or two, keep some options open. But I like the idea of a quartet and piano as your core sound, that sounds very interesting.
    No rush on your project though, once you can get some resolution on your personal stuff, your mind with be free to create more great music. I have no problem waiting for that.

  5. Here and now,stand your ground.Square is the new cool.Be cool...

  6. Hola,

    Don't be sad, Rachel. I'm sure that person hated to see you like this. Don't let the sun catch you crying tomorrow, get up with a big smile!!

    Hey, that new project sounds good!!


  7. ah, that's a bummer Rachel. I wish you not to be sad. Nostalgic can be good? sometimes.

    10 songs! wow, now that sounds awesome. Never square. And even if you are, I don't care, still listening! :)


  8. I'm so sorry someone let you down. I have a hunch they will feel sorry, too.

    Ten songs, strings, piano...bam...you go! Sing out. Sing!

    gina and bea bea

  9. There are still a whole lotta people that listen to this stuff, Rachel. I’d like you to give it about 2 minutes. That’s all it will take for this little venture.


    This music, the two minutes that you just played, is still heard all throughout the American Midwest, and other Midwestern places all around the world. Perhaps even West London. This is the music that was played during the siege of the Alamo! This music has performed for the American Light Brigade. This music is played when the Seventh Fleet is about to go into action! Just before the planes take off and the salvos open up. This here is Billy Bob Thornton, the famous movie actor, WHOOPS, I mean this here is the “Box Masters.” Don’t ever say “Billy Bob Thornton” and “movie actor” in the same sentence if the Box Masters are on the scene. Billy Bob has been known to go totally ballistic. And when he throws a tantrum, he makes Charlie Sheen look like a choirboy. So best to stay clear of him, and get back to Rachel.

    A proper set of strings can do wonders. I’ve always loved the cello. A romantic voice calling from the deep. Other than a synthesizer, which can synthesize sound, nothing compares with natural strings. And the piano strings – au naturel – are always a nice compliment. And a voice with the intensity of another instrument, not in the back row, of course, but not in the forefront either. Just another instrument mixed in with the lot. It can be all so wispy and mysterious. But wispy could become boring and bothersome within a short period of time, so perhaps the voice must break out once in awhile and dominate the strings. As for the piano and its dominate role? Well, it might actually be called upon to step aside at times and make room for some other keyboards.

    Oh no, the piano has been synthesized. What’s next the electric violin? That’s old hat. Well how about a huffing puffing trumpet on a turret just a blowin’ in the wind? I’m sure that’s yet to come? The answer dear Rachel is this. There is enough music being created for everyone. You just gotta find the right niche, and then expand upon it, and venture into new territory, and dabble in it. Who knows, you may even discover a new frontier.

    I think there might be a moral here somewhere, Rachel, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

    Good night,
    Tommy DisCool


  10. Hi Rachel!

    GOOOOOD to hear about your new project.
    Can't wait hear more!!

    Have a tea, Watch CSI, Hope you feel better tomorrow. We love you and your music!

    Much looooove!!! Tomoko xx

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  12. When I am bit down. I try to put myself in a happy mood for some times that helps get me out of the down and out mood.
    I am so excited about your 10 song's. Always love your music. I agree with Grace "Never square. And even if you are, I don't care, still listening!" And if I my add always there (here) for you!!!!
    You Rock Rachel!!!

  13. Songs arranged for string quartet and your voice sounds perfect to me. Don't sweat the things in life you can't control. Believe me, life is too short for that. Know that you are loved, and latch on to that. Anything else is a waste of time.

  14. So sorry to hear you are blue. The new project sounds really lovely Rachel, not square at all, in fact, the exact way I like to hear your stuff. Hey, if you are looking for something fascinating to watch, seek out the DVD Bob Dylan, An American Troubadore. It was made a while ago, it's great, almost 2 hours, and what a fascinating life he has had. Why hasn't anyone written a musical about Bob Dylan?

  15. Do you write string parts based around your Chord structure?

  16. Rachel dear, You and the cello are so simpatico! I am excited to know that you are thinking of this project. Do you think that sometimes when you feel "not quite right" it is a sort of pre-creation thing, like feeling uncomfortably pregnant? Or am I being way too therapist-like here? Love to you, whatever state you are in.