Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Aching a little - but full of passion and love and gratitude -
R x


  1. Morning Rachel! Here the sun is shining brighter than you could ever believe and I'm so out of the door. Life is good.

    Have a good day! x

  2. Morning Rachel, not quite daylight here yet.
    Rain all day :(, off to work.

    Those are great things to be feeling! (even the little achey part of a good workout):)


  3. Seems an early spring, we have wildflowers, lilies and I think some snap dragons.

  4. I've the flu,couldn't make work,I went in on Monday only to feel worse today. Chicken soup crackers and soda water with netflix on the TV all day. Volver in queue.I'm late,but it is so nice to 'see' you again.I'm already feeling better! Cheers,Danny

  5. It was dry when I went to work but raining as I left work. Still raining. You must have had a good work out. Wonderful feelings to have Rachel.
    Take care

  6. Wonderful to hear! I'm not too bad myself lately... feeling pretty balanced and compassionate (toward both others and myself)(always important)

    Everyone have a happy week. :)