Monday, 4 April 2011

je suis en france

Bonjour - je suis en france. the sun is shining, its heaven!
Sorry for the non-posting, had a lot going on - still have but feel happier about it.
must post a picture of Skrappy -
got an appointment with the mayors office to try and agree on a colour that i can paint the house here - crazy huh! ah well,
hope you are all well,
rachel x


  1. Bon Chance Rachel avec le bureau de maire. Je vous souhaite une bonne journee.

  2. Architecture is clearly taken seriously in France! Is it some kinda protection rules - you can't change the appearance too much from what it was originally?

    I'm quite pleased about a recent photo publication in a big mag. Otherwise it's grey and wet and foggy and the streets and grey too and the snow has turned dirty brown-grey. I haven't given up the idea to some day buy a villa on a Greek island for the late autumn, winter and early spring months. Kinda like in Mamma Mia! but I expect I'll have to settle for playing Abba songs on a CD player as it looks unlikely that Meryl Streep, James Bond and Colin Firth will be available.

  3. ...not that I would want Pierce Brosnan to sing Abba songs for me. He should never be allowed to sing again, ever.

  4. Tre bon. Ok I've used up all my French. It is nice here today and expect a visit from my daughter. Baking a turkey. I was so happy last week that I spent about an hour playing variations of Home on the Range whilst noodling.

  5. Arrgh painting,I can't stand to do it.I'll hire out all paint work from here forward...And the color is?

  6. Hola Rachel,

    It seems you're busy. The sun is shining here too, yeaaahh (well, now it's late at night, I mean these days). I was looking forward to it. Too much rain and cold this winter.

    I hope you will get an agreement and you can choose the colour you want for your house.

    You are right, Maria, he didn't sing very well.

    Good night!!

  7. I sure understand about being busy. Glad you found a moment to say hi. Hope the mayor's office lets you paint the house the color you want it.
    Oh I always love pictures of Skrappy. So will be looking forward to that.
    Enjoy your week. :)
    Take care

  8. I finally had time to check in and see what you were up to lately. My life has been busy as well with my new job. I'm also in the process of painting my mid-century modern house. I did some research on exterior colors of that period and style. So far it looks 'fabulous'!

    The kids loved the artist that I introduced them to today. His name is
    Stephen Wiltshire.



  9. Bonjour Rachel,
    heureux est bon. Réjouissez-vous des photos de skrappy.
    Je comprends d'avoir l'approbation de la couleur de votre maison. Il se passe ici.
    Je suis bien. Toujours à la recherche de la joie.
    ...the sun is shining finally here.


  10. So what color would you like to paint your house and why do you have to get the mayor's approval?

  11. I understood all of Grace's words except for "Réjouissez". Everyone's French is so good! I'm too fatiguée to try to write in French....

    I thought that the French (and Mediterranean types) enjoyed colorful houses (no matter the hue... )

    Anyway, I'd much rather a neighbor with a "loud" house than a LOUD NEIGHBOR. ;-)

    p.s.: word verification looks FRENCH: brusnive

  12. red trim, lavender to blue paint, then white window frames. makes for a kind of union jack...I wonder what the mayor would think then.

  13. Je ne suis pas une rock star.