Wednesday, 6 April 2011


The weather is amazing here. The sun is doing me the world of good.
The black dogs have left my yard.
I think i may go out for a sail later this week in my little Cornish Crabber - Molly.
There is also a local antique fair which is always worth a look.
what a life!
R x


  1. Clearly it's complete torture :D

    Would you mind asking the sun if it would consider popping here as well? It's foggy and grey again.

    Hope you'll find some good stuff at the fair!

  2. Sun is good for what ails you. Wish we had some here.
    Cute that you have a Cornish Crabber named Molly.
    Love antique stores.

  3. Hi Rachel!
    Good to hear you enjoy staying in France.
    I never been to France.
    Talking about France, many experts of nuclear plants have come to Japan to help us.That's so thankful to us.
    Hope you have a wonderful weather and sail safely.

    Bonne chance !

    Tomoko xx

  4. Great weather is always a bonus this time of year, Let me know if you find a flux capacitor at the fair.

  5. Hola Rachel,

    How wonderful, it sounds very relaxing. I hope you had a great day.
    Good weather here too, nice.


  6. Nice to hear you are having some good weather. Oh yes that sounds like a great idea to go out and sail. The sounds of the water and being out on the water is so relaxing.
    I love antique and fairs all in one would be grand so enjoy.
    We had rain all day today and was chilly.
    Enjoy have fun in the sun.



  7. Sounds like you must've had an awesome day! (Quelle jour!) (does one say that? ;-))

  8. Oh what a life, what a life :)! Brilliant.
    Happy Sun, Happy Sailing Rachel.


  9. ooh, the sounds on the water. nice!

  10. A little sailing. A little shopping. A little sun. Maybe a coffee at a cafe.

    Ah. Simple plaisirs.

  11. Oh hi! Rachel, it is sunny here north of Seattle this afternoon, sunny and cool, trees and flowers in bloom, but we had snow earlier in the week. My sweet dog Polly and I were in the backyard just now. She does not get the concept of exploring on her own. She wants to keep on her leash and stay right next to me. So I sat outside with her to get some sunshine, vitamin D, happy germs. As I sat on the little bench reading, she kept coming over, closer, and then she came right up to my face and licked me. Big messy dog kiss! I think she is saying, "I love the sun, but let's stay together forever!" So sweet. She has arthritis, but earlier today was running UPHILL at the park. Happy days here too. Love, Brina and Po-Po

  12. Thank you for naming your boat after me lol! Hope you enjoy your weather as it DUMPED here :(