Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lord of the Tongue

Skrappys tongue is too big for his mouth. it hangs out to varying lengths 75% of the time. We dont care.
Had an amazing week with my family - they're all so sweet and easygoing.
Returning to the UK on Saturday - have been here a month - but loads of problems have been sorted out -
Hope you are all well -
R x


  1. Happy Easter to you and yours, Rachel!

    'Lord of Tongue', now there's an impressive title. So that's Skrappy's real identity just like Clark Kent is really Superman. 'Lord of Tongue' is just as impressive as 'Time Lord', for instance (yeah, I've been watching the latest Doctor Who, I'm a geek).

    Yesterday was a good day,
    of wandering on sun-kissed city streets,
    a man bicycling by, whistling a merry tune,
    sun-warmed asphalt and stone walls radiating heat.

    I love that mood. Today was even warmer and I spent the day at my brothers. I and my younger nephew (now 6) planted several pine trees on his kindergarden yard. Maybe in 50 years there'll be a pine forest there. Also drew an epic, massive adventure (with light sabers of course) on the back of an Ikea cardboard box.

    Very glad to hear that you've got a heap of problems sorted out! Have a good week in France!

  2. Rain and more rain,tornados here in the Midwestern U.S. A tempered Easter Sunday.Sorted problems ease the mind,sorting some here as well...Skrappy's tongue is as puppy's are,too long or not,give love and kisses.Lovely puppy kisses.Cheers!

  3. Happy Easter Rachel. The weather was great this weekend. Was glad to spend time outside reading and watching my Koi.
    So glad you had a great time with your sisters. Skrappy is so cute. Skrappy has more tongue to give sweet kisses with. Hugs to you and Skrappy. I love this picture. Have a great week.

  4. Happy Easter Rachel.

    Oh good, "problems sorted out".

    Mr. Skrappy and his big tongue, you are a heart capturer! (is that a word?, sounds good to me).

    Glad you had a fun visit with your family.

    safe travels back home. (I ll be having safe travels after I get my vehicle fixed tomorrow, my brother nicknamed it, "death trap mobile". kinda funny, but, not so. anyhoo....


  5. Yep...when I saw the title of the blog wasn't quite sure! Clever and cute.

  6. Glad you had a lovely time. Had a great Easter; many Mimosas and dark chocolate bunnies filled with coconut cream.......

    I heard something about a wedding in England this week, some young woman, Kate marrying someone called William (?) Not sure. Haven't heard much about it................


    Love you, Rach

  7. glad things are sorted, the family was there and easygoing, and that skrappy appears thoroughly content. 'tis an honest tongue 'tis rare.

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  10. I deleted the last 2 comments as I couldnt edit!
    Hope you have had a great Easter. Skrap is just adorable

    My family are nice and easygoing long as we're in different parts of the country and thankfully Australia is a big county

    all the best


  11. I KNEW it what the picture would be, String! :)

    She is just too cute for words.

    Glad you got your problems sorted!

    Life is good in Taiwan...looking forward to a big trip home this summer to California and New England. It's my 31st (yeah, we're odd) High School reunion (let the juice diet begin!) and I am having a BIG OL HOOTENANY on Cape Cod...I've invited friends (including bloggers!) and family (some I have never met) so it will be ANOTHER reunion for me! We'll have loads of musicians and people are bringing tents...Woodstock 2011!
    Can't wait for SUMMER.

    I am spending a few days with Kumar and his family up in Oakland, Rachel! Kumar was the Indian man in Wes Anderson's movies! tee hee. He's a trip and a half. I can't wait to hear his stories.

    Take care!
    Lots of love,
    Sue xxxx

  12. sorry, HE is too cute for words.

    He looks like a "she" for some pretty!

  13. Hi Rachel, I’m feeling in the mood for some word play, some inventiveness of some kind, something soulful from beyond, something that gratifies from within, some recognition from above, some sense of accomplishment, some desire to tell it like it is. And I see that I have written some things down on a piece of paper.

    Looking at what I’ve scribbled on this paper beside me, I see it is a fucking mess. Some words are written sideways, some are even upside down. So I straightened them all out, and here it is for your perusal. This is all that I wrote down!

    “This is called 2011 – it’s short and sweet. The Brits, the Junos, and the Grammies. Ahhh, the three amigos. Who would have thought that Arcade Fire would clean-up this year. 750 year X 20 = 15000.”

    That’s everything that was written down on this paper beside me. I took the paper, and I know I had a frown, and I turned it over. Blank, it was blank. Disappointed, I turned the paper back over again and stared for a good long while at what I had written down. I stared and stared hoping something would happen, hoping perhaps a hidden message would jump out at me – or something. But no, there was nothing.

    And so I thought, why in the world did I begin this note with so much hope? What had come over me? Where did this mood that I described above come from? Certainly not from what I wrote down on this sheet of paper that sits beside me. Whoa - look! I see that a piece of this paper has been torn away. The bottom right corner is missing. I wonder what happened there?

    Excuse me for a moment Rachel, while I speak to this paper that lays here beside me. “Paper – be gone! You have betrayed me.”

    There, I feel like I have accomplished something. And now I can go about my day in peace.

    Tommy DisCool

    PS; Black Dub will be in London on July 31 and August 1 at the Jazz Café. I think it would be a good night out for you and Pete and maybe another couple. Looks like table 14 is still available.

    Here’s some Black Dub -

    HERE’S DAN and TRIXIE IN DAN’S CALIFORNIA HOME and STUDIO IN SILVERLAKE – a song called Surely, followed by a 10 minute interview that is somewhat interesting – I think.
    Trixie’s dad was an odd fellow, and Trixie is odd herself. And of course Dan is no slouch when it comes to oddities. Do you think Dan and Trixie make an odd couple, Rachel?

  14. That picture makes me want to get another puppy, but no can do.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your time away. It's been raining almost everyday here in the midwest, but sunny tomorrow! I have the day off from work and will be playing in the mud.

  15. Hi Rachel, sorry I haven't posted earlier but have been out with a illness and i'm bouncing back. I have read all your post and listen to all your songs. Great work and your voice is still giving me goose bumps. Hope all is well and your enjoying the boat and your little lord of the tongue dog. How is Mikey doing is he recording anything new as well?
    Jeff in rainy Seattle.