Friday, 29 April 2011


Quick update, returning home to good old Blighty tomorrow.
Will miss the Skrapovsky, but am sooooo looking forward to seeing the other 6 guys (and gal).
work to be done, dust to be eaten, yoga to catch up on and lots of friends to hug,
what bliss is this life i lead?
rach x


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  2. So did you watch the royal wedding? Living as I do in a republic, the British monarchy seems quite strange sometimes. The strict etiquette for example: the presenter said that at meals where the Queen is present everyone must stop eating when the Queen finishes eating. It's a different world for sure - and probably must change eventually.

    As far as dust:

    "Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. It's actually very low in fat. You can have as much dust as you like."

    I'm sure Marjorie Dawes was right, technically. Yet, I remain unconvinced of the merits of dust as a source of sustenance - and I'm not sure whether Marjorie Dawes is one whose advice to follow in dietary matters.

    As far as lots of friends to hug... Yes!

    Have a safe trip back to good ol' Blighty!

  3. dogs, hugs....bliss....:) :)


    ps: Skrappy will miss u 2, but will be all joy and love and yummy doggie kisses, when u meet up again!! :)

  4. Rachel am so happy to hear life is blissful for you!

    Wisty I didn't know about that etiquitte bit about dining with the Queen. I wonder if the same rule applies when She and Phillip are having a quiet night in front of the telly with a couple of beers and a pizza!?

    I do know that when they visit Australia HRH has to follow the Vince and Slugs protocol (If she farts in public and doesnt say"Vince" she is open to slugs (a few punches in the arm!);-)



  5. NeanS: yeah, good point! I suppose would depend on how much a stickler to etiquette she is! That Australian protocol however very much sounds like an Australian specialty :D

  6. Hi Rachel!
    Enjoy your life in home.
    I've been thinking recently how wonderful and precious it is to live normaly...
    Please say Hi! to your lovely doggies for me..

    Tomoko xx

  7. Let's see if I remember the names of your dogs. There's the golden retrievers Spud & Harry.
    The poodles Barney & Cracker. Then there are Pete's dogs Flash the border collie and of course little Wistle. Quite a family you have.

  8. Enjoy your happy dogs who had missed you and are happy to see you. Enjoy your time at home and all your catching up around the house and with friends and all. Just think when you see Skrapovsky again all those sweet kisses and tail wagging you will receive.

  9. Home again.Home again.Jigitty jig...There really is no place like home.