Tuesday, 19 April 2011


ON Saturday my family arrived for a week -
Its been a long time since the 3 sisters have spent time together and its wonderful.
There has been lots of laughing and reminiscing (mostly about me and my bad behaviour) - but all on good spirits.
We spent the day on the boat yesterday and moored out by the islands.
Today im doing house stuff and my lot are going to the supermarket to get food for a barbecue -

Skrappy (or Skrapovsky as he is called by his russian step mother) - has also been good value for money.


  1. Skrappy looks gentle and petite like a butterfly.

    A giant barbecue in the sun! It's warm and sunny here as well and all I want to do is to wander around the city, camera in hand, all day long. My bike emerged from under the mountain of snow too - but seems a snowplough bumped into it as the back tyre is all twisted. NOT a good idea to leave your bike outside through the winter!

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. Hi Rachel!

    Good to hear you are having wonderful time with your sisters.
    I think it is so precious to spend time with family.Hope you enjoy the rest of time with them.
    Don't eat too much barbecue!lol.
    It takes at least six month to restore Fukushima Nuclear Plants.Still keep watching the news about rediation leaking..

    Tomoko xx

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Skrappy really is a doll. Beautiful picture. Or should say handsome.

    How wonderful of a visit with your family. Laughing and reminscing, good times!

    Enjoy your BBQ!


  4. Hola!

    How nice, I love his ears.


  5. How nice to have your sisters visit you for a while. Know you are all having a great time together. Enjoy your BBQ. I love the picture of Skrappy. Such a sweetie, such a cute little boy.

    Enjoy your time with your family.



  6. I LOVE that rug Skrappy is standing on. Wow!

  7. Family barbecues are great.

  8. Smiles all'round then,cheers!!!

  9. Say hi to Bex from her blogger friends please. Have fun.

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  11. Skrapovsky has stolen my heart........

    Glad you're enjoying time with the family! Big hello to Bex from me as well!
    Deleted first comment as I reaised I spelled Skrapovsky with an "s-k-i ".
    Would that have changed his nationality?


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  13. Hi Rachel, here’s something I stumbled upon and thought I’d pass it along for your amusement. I don’t find these next two videos particularly amusing, and I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think you will either. I find them to be stupid and somewhat disturbing – hey teacher, leave those kids alone!

    If I were a dog, I don’t think I’d like to have one of these people as my owner. Women! Where are the men? Absent – thank goodness. There are no men to be found. These women are all nuts.



    Oh and here’s some music to go with it.


    Good Night Rachel,
    Tommy DisCool

    PS; Skrappy goes nice with the rug. I bet those women could do wonders with him.

    PPS; I have to admit, I adore those dogs, some are outright gorgeous – I just wish they were all puppets, instead of live dogs. That’s all I’m saying.

  14. BBQs, pies and the ocean...sounds heavenly to me. Enjoy!

  15. Always great to hear you having fun with the family. BBQ cow, MMMM. Hope the weather co-operates.

  16. I just love Scrapovsky to bits. Alot of Taiwanese have this breed, but none of the pups I've seen here have that devilish look in their eye!

    Glad you had time with your sisters. Family time is so important, and special.