Sunday, 10 April 2011


I don't know why but whenever im in france i eat so many pies - and i dont mean metaphorically.
there is an abundance of croissants, pain au chocolat, filet de boeuf, frites, and all manner of things that send me into a pirahna like frenzy. ah well, progress not perfection. i am still beautiful (on the inside).
had fabulous day on the boat - there is a tiny island with a monastary on it where we had lunch - (see? more eating) and some gentle motoring about, tomorrow, we are on my cornish crabber. i promise to take pics. i quite unconciously hum, wistle, sing ' a life on the ocean wave"whilst sailing,  much to petes annoyance, who hates humming of any kind.
ma famille arrive samedi soir, and i am looking forward to spending some time with them - more pies im sure - and movies with my nephew in the cinema. whilst out on the boat friday we saw someone testing out a new gadget. a back pack that sucks up water and then ejects it at such a force that it propels you up to 8 metres in the air, like james bond. this guy was literally hovering above the sea. it also dives apparently. they cost 130,000 euros, so ive ordered 2. for fucks sake. whats wrong with a snorkel mask and flippers? in my day we made do with a net and a lilo.
thats all, just did some yoga. when i did the warrior pose skrappy barked like a rottweiller for about 10 mins. which of course didnt interrupt my serenity and meditation at all.
yeah - right,
love rachel x


  1. So 'pies' as in all sorts of tempting food items and delicacies, rather than a specific kind of pastry? Well, I for one understand your inability to resist temptations. The French do know a thing or two about food.

    That hovering thingy sounds kind of like the bright yellow ferrari someone was trying to park in one of the central streets yesterday, its roar drowning out all other sounds. Ridiculous and out of place. Can't say being catapulted 8 meters into the air is my idea of excitement (I never was one for scary amusement park vehicles either), but perhaps those gadgets will find a market with people who want to relive their childhood dreams of being James Bond. Each to their own I suppose...

    A pleasant sunday of sunbathing in the balcony (if you indeed asked the sun to pop by, thank you!). Hope it lasts.

    Enjoy the family visit and tomorrow's sailing!

  2. Aah, that "Warrior" pose brought out the nature in Skrappy. No that wouldn't be distracting. if one can continue meditating through the barking , well, then you've found that zen.

    That propel thing into the air sounds like a blast , haha, no pun intended. Must see pic of that.

    The pies, loved ones , Cinema, sailing....

    Enjoy Rachel!

  3. Holaaaaa,

    Wow, Rachel, you must be getting a good tan!!

    The weather is so nice here too…but we don’t have the sea around…so my friends and I have decided to visit, during the weekends, every rooftop cafe we can find in Madrid. It’s fun.

    Enjoy these days with your family, have fun!!


  4. Hi Rachel!

    Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and "Molly".
    Can I request the pics of PIES ?

    Tomoko xxxx

  5. Haha, have you tried blueberry pie with chocolate ice cream? It is wicked. Sounds like you're having fun. Gotta love that!

  6. Life sounds lovely, Rach~ glad to know you are enjoying time in the sun. I still play AIR so often, as it is probably one of my very favorite of all your songs. (Thanks to Cathy who sent me the mp-3).

    I still remember our chat at Joe's Pub and my husband telling you that I was your biggest fan.....bit cliche'~ but true.

    I work for Clinique now, so I am one of the legion of Lab-Coat- Cladded Women you see in Harrods, Brown Thomas, Harvey Nichols etc. I am only part time but the training is quite extensive and involves hours of training and testing in skin physiology. I quite like it.
    My family and I will be at our place by the sea soon. There is nothing as soothing for the soul as sun and sand......except,of course, something from Clinique, so ring me up if you need anything. I must tell you, we don't make pies but our Body Butter is a great After-Sun treatment. lol

    Much Love~

  7. Charming post,You do make logging on fun again.Thanks Rachel!

  8. You sure know how to make me laugh, Rachel!

    I second Blue's emotion for pie pics!

    I swear I've had a tapeworm's scary the way I can chow. Sometimes I wished I smoked, to be honest!:(

    SO happy you are enjoying life!

    Love to you, Pete and the Skrapper!! Roxy sends puppy love too.


  9. can see you are having a blast. I would love to see you with that back pack think that sucks up water and then ejects the person. It sounds like fun.
    Pie's are delicious and pastry's hard to pass my a good bakery. So don't blame you there. :)
    Glad you all are having such a great time.
    Give Scrappy a pet and hug from me.
    Have fun,

  10. I just ate 1000 cookies. Blah!


  11. A day sail always sort of re-connects me to earth. But - you can get burned in places you didnt think could get burned, earlobes and under your nose. Hope you have some slack time to enjoy spring while getting on with your new project.

    All the best