Monday, 11 April 2011


Yesterday was a great success. we sailed over to the islands near Cannes - heaven!
i got really burnt -
it seems i am a natural at the tiller - who would have guessed?


  1. Glad you had a great time Rachel, it looks beautiful there. !! Love Ronzi

  2. So did you do a good amount of nautical humming?

    Seriously, sounds like your day yesterday was heaven! You are lucky to have the opportunity to go sailing. If only I had a boat and skill with sailing: there are about 300 by islands around Helsinki and only some of them are reachable by a city or privately operated boat route. I hope some day to be able to visit the ones which AREN'T accesible by a boat route.

  3. fabulous blue! makes me miss sailing in Sweden (which is much colder, but I've ended up a melon head burned by the sea air). lovely!

    the pics, lovely. nice.

  4. my security word just then was ovalmen.

  5. ahoy matey!!

    Gorgeous water. So serene.
    What a day of peace Rachel :)
    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  6. Sailing is heaven on earth. Sometimes we go to Borgholm and spend the weekend and then sail back home. To me the center of the earth. There is nothing like it. Unfortunately, my husband works on a cargo ship and when he comes home, he doesn't want to spend much time on the water. Can't say I blame him. Glad your day was wonderful. Sounds like it was anyway.

  7. Natural at the tiller eh? Eye on the horizon keeping a steady course.Catch a swell and ease over the top rolling with it.If life were so straight forward.Remeber the Aloe.Cheers!

  8. Hola Captain Fuller!

    I've never tried to drive a boat, but I think it won't be safe to let me do it..:)
    Very nice pictures, thanks for posting.


  9. Hi Captain Rachel. Nice that you got to get out on the boat. I love the water and boating. You must have had some beautiful sites around the Cannes. Oh dear take care of that burn. But am sure it was worth it. It will turn into a tan in no time. Love the pictures thanks for sharing


  10. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Glad to see blue blue sea and "Molly".
    Looking forward to seeing your healthy sunburned pics!!
    It's getting warm here..still have aftershocks..

    Much love
    Tomoko xx

  11. Hurry home. The weather has turned dull and boring now you are there. i'm not saying it's your fault -probably just a coincidence- but cant get a scientific answer until you do return.

  12. Nice – very nice.

    There was a time when I had a nice boat, Rachel, a very modest boat, but nice.

    It slept 2 people in the cuddy, and would do 53 mph when I pushed it – and then watched the gas gauge drop like a stone, so I didn’t push it all that often, just enough. Never slept in the cuddy, just kept camping gear in there – tent, sleeping bags, stove, etc. We either camped for the night, depending on the mood and the weather, or stayed in shoreline motels, if we were out on the water for more than a day.

    I kept the boat at the Big Shute Marina on the Trent-Severn Waterway, Rachel. The price was right and the waterway is probably the best boating in the world – power-boating that is. Sailboats are welcome, and houseboats are rented for the squeamish. You see a handful of multi-million dollar yachts and offshore racers, but also people in rowboats and kayaks, and teenagers jumping off cliffs. It’s somewhat unique in that respect. And it’s unique in many other ways also.

    I think PETE would love to do the system, Rachel, from one end to the other, given the right boat! And given JULY’s eighty-five degree weather. Ahh it feels so right and damn near perfect, living with Mother Nature and sleeping under the stars! I think you would enjoy it too, Rachel, as would any of your friends.

    I hope someday you do The Waterway, Rachel, and who’s to say, you may even become a new woman.

    Tommy DisCool

    HERE’S A GLIMPSE – for what it’s worth. You can pick and choose and fast forward. There isn’t a lot of video out there to choose from. The Waterway is 260 miles long, with 44 locks, and I don’t know how many lakes, so obviously we can only see a tiny portion of it. It took 87 years to build it – from 1833 to 1920.

  13. How Beautiful~ Always love a good sail. Not surprised a bit about you and the tiller. Smooth sailing, Rach. Cool your burn with a light moisturizer or pure Aloe, anything too heavy will only hold the heat in.

    Much Love~

  14. Hi Rachel, Daniel Lanois tells a story, about a guy attending one of his shows, a fan I suppose, or a potential fan. This guy was not pleased with the show because, as he said to Dan when the show was over, “You don’t sweat enough.” That’s what he thought of the show.

    And that guy got me to thinking, you know. “If a writer is going to write a story, a poem, whatever, must the writer sweat it out? And what of Van Gogh? Does the same logic apply? Must he also sweat it out? Painters, Writers, and Musicians, do they share anything in common? Must they all sweat it out?”

    For the sake of love and adventure, I certainly hope so.


    Ahh, the water is so blue and the trees await me, as they bathe by the shore.