Thursday, 26 May 2011


From the minute we are concious, everyone is essentially on a quest for love and happiness.
however we are treated, we long for a parents love and approval and the search for happiness in which ever way we can find it, and try many ways. every friendship, and relationship is in fact just part of this search. I observe people trying many different ways to find it, looking for it in drugs, drink, relationships, material things, saving the world, marrying well matched partners who will give them a sense of normalcy - a family, seeking always for love and happiness - and if it sounds like i am being judgmental and sneering, i am guilty of all myself - apart from the marriage thing - ha
i dont believe that all life is suffering, i seek for love and happiness in everything i do - and many times i find it.
Normal can fuck off.
I want it all.

Have a good day,
love rach xx


  1. yep, to hell with normal. Or what is considered normal.
    I have found moments of being happy, not necessarily happiness though.

    Have a good day Rachel, you do deserve it all!


  2. David Walliams said in an interview something I liked - that he doesn't think happiness is necessarily a 24/7 state of existence but rather moments where you feel and realize "I am happy, right now." That very precise feeling might pass but the point is that you have those feelings. I've come across them - earlier today, watching my little nephew in his dance school's spring performance; the Caribou concert last summer which made my mind explode; various moments of photography; the other day, walking and listening to Little Britain radio shows and laughing so hard passers-by were bound to think me mad... In general, I think the world is an immensely amazing place to live, small things, large things, seemingly-insignificant-but-in-that-moment-important things, all around. I think it's a matter of attitude too, *** begets ***, sort of thing.

    And yes, 'normal' is an ugly word and should never ever be used of human existence. All too often it's unseemly and rudely used to draw boundaries: "You are not normal, the things you do/like/think are not normal, we don't accept you."

  3. Come back in the room Rachel.

    ;-D <333

  4. I love your clarity. You put it plain and right (before my eyes!). we're all on a quest for love and happiness.

  5. One of my favorite quotes from Quadrophenia:

    "What's normal, then, Aye?"

  6. Love. That's all there really is, right?

    I mean, besides all the other stuff...

  7. Yes what is normal? Maybe what is normal to some people may not be normal for others.We are all unique.
    Have a great day. Lets all be crazy and silly. The heck with Normal. LOL.

  8. I am leaning more to the Course of MIracles philosophy.
    "Forgiveness is the key to universal happiness ... why love depends on your willingness to give, rather than your desire to receive ... why changing the way you see the world works better than trying to change the world itself ... and why service is necessary for personal fulfillment."

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts!

    Denise x