Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Today i have been thinking about people i loved who i don't see or speak with anymore.
Its a sad fact. Sometimes because i have been unforgiving, and sometime it is they - i have a perpensity to impulsive drama you know.

Quite honestly - i don't have resentments anymore, but hope they know the peace and happiness i myself seek.

Don't get me started on my inner child.

R x x

ps perhaps i should write about what im wearing tomorrow. my philosophical moments bore even me, so god knows how you all feel about it.


  1. I think when you're young and rebellious, you tend to be drawn to people who are exciting and are, a train wreck. As you get older, you realize, they are just dumb shits who haven't advanced past high school and have no real value to your social network. Of course there are others, who you just end up growing apart from, nobody's fault, that's life.
    If you're going to write about what you're going to wear, at least have the courtesy of posting a picture with it! hee, hee.

  2. Ah! Self-deprecation seems very British. It's a distant relative of the old time Finnish "You are not allowed to say anything good about yourself and if someone else says something good the correct answer is 'it's just an old thing, it really is nothing and anyway it's almost broken'". Except that the latter is pitiful and depressing. Self-deprecation on the other hand is the essence of comedy. If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't (or shouldn't) laugh at others.

    And speaking of comedy, I'm convinced that there is another Rachel in a parallel universe who has written several smash hit comedies. You are one of the funniest people I know.

  3. Well a little fashion cures the blues or so I've heard. ;-)

  4. Rachel~ Your life, though on a much grander scale, mirrors my own in so many ways. I have parted ways with people I thought to be "toxic" and vice versa. The most important thing we can remember is that we are loved for who we are~ by some pretty amazing people!

    Love what Maria said, so true; you are one of the funniest people I know.
    Never change,Darling~ You are Flippin Fabulous!

  5. I like the philosophical Rachel. I find your take on things very enjoyable and never a bore.

    And, and!....I love the fashionista Rachel. Pleae write about your outfit, and don't forget the shoes.


  6. Maybe you never really loved them at all because your idea of love changes as you grow and mature.

    There is a commercial in the US where a young woman in her early twenties says, "I never wear the same thing twice." She's selling clothing, of course.

    What are you selling?

  7. There are those that have done me much harm in my lifetime.I find it hard to feel any way about them,good or bad.I think of them and the pain they have caused,and what,if any role I had to play in it.I remember,so as not to have similar things happen in the future.Learning is key.I am 43 years old now my lifes experiences good and bad have made me the man I am today.A caring,giving,person with a wild streak a mile wide.All the while,even me,with one eye on my clothes.

  8. I know the my wardrobe is country gardener...I DO have stripy wellies though and purple paisley leggings on!

  9. Hi Rachel!

    My INNER child often wake me up....
    Have to admit it is ALSO part of myself.
    Wondering that's to live a life as human.
    Life is good, sometime life is complicate?

  10. I appreciate and respect your reflections and your flights very much. Personally, if it's okay, I can remember when "estrangement" was painful to think, but now and for a few years it's come as a relief.

    Maybe your inner child will get you out wearing bright colours. ;-)

  11. Whenever thoughts of this nature begin to takeover, put the music on and crank it up. Good music can usually drown-out unwelcomed thoughts. Whiskey also helps but I wouldn’t go that far.

    Here’s Tom Cochrane – proof that men also have mixed emotions but turn them into songs.

    Take care, Rachel.

  12. Hola Rachel,

    It happens the same to me. I sometimes think that I should call them, but the more the time passes, the more difficult it is to re-establish the relationship. Humans are too complicated.

    I like your philosophical moments.


  13. I enjoyed this post and agree with a lot of the post here. I agree with Grace. "I like the philosophical Rachel. I find your take on things very enjoyable and never a bore."

    I also agree with you Rachel to "- i don't have resentments anymore. I find if I do I can get down and upset and for what. It just better to let you and free up our thought and mind to happy thought and positive things. Sure some times it is easier said then done But I find it it true.

    I do love it when you you talk about or even take pictures of what you are wearing.

  14. I enjoy reading your philosophical posts. We are all on our own journeys through life. It's sometimes difficult to do the 'letting go' thing, but often very necessary for our spiritual growth. I'm sure that you already know this though.

    I miss your Fashion Tips!