Friday, 27 May 2011


About to watch the season finale of HOUSE -
deep joy -
r x


  1. Are you in the same schedule as the U.S., i.e. it's the finale of season 7?

    My choice for now is David Tennant's Doctor Who from DVD. The Doctor rules.

  2. Deep.Really made me think.'Fences.People put up defences,we can keep them out,but it keeps us in...We're all dangerous to ourselves.'JAE Words I live by. The 100th running of The Greatest Spectacle in Sports on Sunday.I have been to 1/4 of all the Indianapolis 500 races ever run. Like a WHO show,I make this pilgrimage with great joy.My seats are in the grandstand at the end of the front straight,at turn one for the 26th time. Happy Memorial Day.

  3. aahhh, love, happiness....and joy!
    The Dr. is in the house!


  4. Happiness is confined to the animal world. Show me a happy lizard and I’ll show you a freak of nature.

  5. Maria~ I am loving the newest "Doctor", Matt Smith.......*sigh*

  6. Elizabeth: I must confess partiality to David Tennant. But Matt Smith holds his own and the stories are still good.

  7. Soon it will be boating season in Algonquin, but not before the blackflies come and go. Nasty little creatures with a short life span. Here comes summer, and I guess those critters don’t like the heat, or something, and soon they will all drop dead. Allahu Akbar. Anyway, good riddance to them and I wish them well on their way to hell, or wherever blackflies go.

    Oh summer, it will soon be upon us, flowing through time with warmth and reflection, we see our own shadows and know we’re alive. And summertime has its own charming music, as it humms with a pleasantry all around us. But summertime comes and summertime goes, lest we forget, so we make the best of it while we can, for tomorrow and tomorrow, one never knows.

    As they say, in that well-known phrase, “Nothing lasts forever.” It is a blatant statement, but yes, that’s how it goes. And every fiber within me says, “yes,” I believe that to be so. But between the fibers, I must confess, I argue with my soul.

    Okay, that’s enough from me, about summertime, and all that jazz, Rachel.

    Here’s Lighthouse….



  8. Oh Summer, and how I think of you....

    Oh Summer, please don’t go....

  9. I love House. I am a bit late, my comment, so what a ending it was for the season. Wow.

  10. OMG! He pulled a Keith Moon at the end! You gotta love House!