Wednesday, 11 May 2011


i am on the phone here being played elevator music - hence the expression, but im sure i dont look like this?.... and you just can't capture my inner spiritual shine in such a form. 
all good here - have started work project - very exciting.
happy happy joy joy
rachel x


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Ah, your expression here is the look of being on hold on the phone, with that glorious elevator music! ;)

    U always shine Rach, that's the charm of you.

    I am excited for you and your new project, do we get to hear about it?

    The sun is shining, I have the day off....:)


  2. I hear the new imac's take really good pictures with the HD camera they have now. Having said that, nothing wrong with this picture. I think it is perfect for a caption. How about, What do you mean you lost my roast beef sandwich? Glad you are well Rachel!!

  3. I always feel I don't look like me in photos. Must be why I don't like them. Now cameras, there's a wholly different thing. Am glad it's super warm and I've got my second small journalistic gig tomorrow.

    Project start! Wohoo!

  4. What is going on beneath your hair?

    What’s happening?

  5. Elevator music in the phone... yuck!

  6. Hi Rachel!
    No matter how your expression is...
    You are my sunshine!
    I'll keep watching you. .I'll watch you shine!
    Glad to hear your project has started.
    Your music is my HOPE...

    Much LOVE..
    Tomoko xxxx

  7. Rachel~ You and I had this conversation about not liking photos of ourselves. My Facebook photo is "okay" but still not really the greatest.
    I think it's just our own perception; you always look great to me.

    Excited about your project and hope to hear more. How is Wistle?

    Much Love to you, Darlin'

  8. Still photography simply cannot capture your radiance. When you get a break from you new project how about a short video - I miss fashion tips even without understanding them. Maybe some pointers on selecting and accessorizing onesies.

    Hope you are having a splendid spring - with family, pets and other friends + the life aquatic.

  9. Exciting work project,can't wait!Cheers.

  10. Life Aquatic,LOL,Dave. Team Fuller...

  11. Hi Rachel, did you see the movie, Poltergeist?” Probably not, and rightfully so, it wasn’t very good. But you may have seen Antonioni’s (1966) “Blow-Up,” about a London photographer and what he may, or may not, have seen?

    A pretty decent movie when it was made. It captured a time and a place in a peculiar but splendid manner. But it’s badly dated today. Today’s movie goers would say, this movie is a bit slow, but otherwise it’s okay.

    Did we see a dead body sprawled in the park beneath a tree? Did we see a man in the bushes with a pistol in his hand? Is that what was seen when the pictures were blown-up? Do we know what happened that day in the park? Did someone get shot? Did we see a dead body? I don’t know to this day, it was not a Hollywood ending.

    And so we look at your picture, Rachel. And when we ‘click’ it, it Blows-Up, but just ever so slightly. And now it has a white backdrop. And what do we see? We see what we see.

    We see the ghostly figure of a man’s large left hand that is somewhat deformed. A man’s hand reaching from behind you, just under your hair, reaching for your throat. His thumb pressing against your cheek.

    That man’s deformed hand, once seen, can never again be ignored.

    Or does the camera lie?


    Music by Herbie Hancock

  12. oh, you look all right and what does some people say about the camera steals the soul?

    i forget.

    lovely hair!

  13. I love your look here that you captured. You look radiant glowing, happy and healthy.

    I can't wait to hear more about your project. That is always exciting.


  14. Oh goodie..something exciting to look forward to other than getting a new air conditioning system put in my house! You look gorgeous in all your photos.