Sunday, 22 May 2011


im too ashamed to look you in the eye. i appear to be wearing fox all in one pyjamas, and you cant see, but i also have a poodle on my lap. 
hahahahhahah x x x 


  1. So, that would be a "foxy onsie" then! ;)


  2. And what is there to be ashamed about fox all in one pyjamas?? Foxes are extremely lovely and so are pyjamas.

  3. All in ones,Sunday in the country,and a lapdog.The life indeed...

  4. oh, the poodle is crossing his legs (I would bet). Lovely window! What a palace :-). Foxy!

  5. This picture could be a still frame from a haunting movie playing in a small art house theatre.

    Something from the Eastern Bloc shot in 16 millimeter perhaps in Romania.

    It’s hard to conjure up any music that might accompany this grainy picture, Rachel. The lack of detail creates the illusion that your hair is not quite real. It appears to have been drawn by a child with a dark crayon.

    The only music that entered my mind was, E-Bow The Letter, because like this picture, it too is somewhat haunting. Here’s R.E.M. and Patti Smith.

    Good night, Rachel

  6. Crazy like a fox? Never really got that expression, something more appropriate, Foxy lady. Judging by the picture, it looks like around noon. You gotta love those leisurely mornings

  7. Hola!!

    I'm sitting here, in my pyjamas, reading your post, hehe. I have a muscle spasm in my back due to the skating, so I have to be good these days.
    Yesterday I had to sleep in a seated position...scary...

    Good night!!

  8. I like this picture. Oh so the secret is out a poodle on your lap. I would have never known from this head shot. LOL. Love your onsie with the foxes.