Monday, 16 May 2011




  1. I would berate every racist asshole I came across in town.

    The "immigration-critical" (as they call themselves) populist party got 19% of the votes in April's parliamentary elections. Their typical voter is racist, which means 19% of Finns are idiots.

    Sorry to talk about politics, but I'm ashamed.

  2. I would go for it!

    What ever goal I had in mind, I do it.

    I wouldn't think twice.
    No doubts.

  3. Being unafraid is an interesting topic, as the context, and circumstances surrounding it can be interpreted as someone being courageous, or stupid. The amount of one's knowledge and or experience greatly influences someone's decision regarding a given situation. i.e. "Ignorance is bliss" can paint someone as being unafraid, but upon further review, reveals the person is an idiot and doesn't know any better. Me? I'm going to have a burger.

  4. IF I WERE FEARLESS – I would berate The Creator for creating amongst other things: Monday mornings, Rebecca Black, Beelzebub – also known by other names, LeAnn Rimes singing the blues, Martha Stewart, B-movies, the Congo, gnats, tics, lice and fleas, cumquats, diseased whores, eyes that cannot see, string theory, seeds thrown by the wayside, kings and queens, red rain, blisters from the sun, foggy days, Uranus, broken tools, lame ducks, fat cells, Genghis Kahn, heartless souls, Thalidomide, carnivores, tobacco, caffeine, plastic forks, picnics, headcheese and acid reflux, Steve Jobs, grand schemes, bubble gum, scorpions, snakes and ladders to nowhere, double or nothing, rules for the rich, drum solos, the Crimean War, inquisitions, inflation, the valley of the shadow of death, Dante’s inferno, the odyssey, Cyclops, Japanese movies, Godzilla vs. King Kong, bad breath, black water, leg traps, quicksand, lightening strikes, loud thunder, hail, snow, ice, slush and raging shores, angry winds, panic buttons, bloated bellies, Rigor mortis when it sets in, pennies, nickels and dimes, abductions, Mississippi mud pies, crack cocaine, tooth decay, crotch crickets, gout, the galloping crud, memory loss, trickle-down economics, sloppy seconds, the stake, the cross, broken promises, nightmares, wet dreams, curfews, stalkers, imaginary friends, El Nino, Mexico, outer space, music and movie awards, leotards, spyglasses, animated shorts, bottom feeders, poison spiders, army ants, locust, drought, coitus interruptus, unnatural acts, parking fees, Eddie Cantor, reckless behaviour, an only begotten Son, circus clowns, jugglers, the I.R.S., virus attacks, unearthly sounds, creatures from the deep, false gods, branding irons, the rack, the iron mask, croquet, cricket, the hundred-yard dash, the penalty box, the mob, the slick, the slime, nosebleeds, heights, clogged arteries, ghettos, Goldilocks, homemade wine, warm beer, priceless earrings, pea soup, prunes, wrinkles, little buggers, bungee cords, lotteries, bogus bills, the smart phone, wrong numbers, the short end of the stick, bad drivers, beggars, bikers, Rosemary Clooney, the mambo, Jerry Lewis, telethons, mercenaries, microbes, gamma rays, marmalade, sing-a-longs, dirty hotel rooms, flight checks, women guards, false accusations, petty thieves, grand larceny, bleeding hearts, bankruptcy, financial ruin, pyromaniacs, gunpowder, serial killers, soap operas, cold showers, pirates, slingshots, knockout punches, hangnails, slippery slopes, Zamfir and James Last, Rikki, cruel shoes, and a boy named Sue … to name just a few.

    Tommy DisCool

  5. Oi, I would use the money I am saving for a car to pay for a one way trip to Madagascar (although I would prefer Montenegro). Once I got my druthers there on the ground, I would write under the pen name Frank or Fredrico (I haven't decided) Zocchi.

  6. Hi Rachel!

    I would feel like HEAVEN...
    I would feel I could do anything I want.

    IF I WERE UNAFRAID about my future..
    I would travel to see ALL of my friends, no matter where they are..
    FRIENDS are the most precious treasure to me..

    How about you, Rachel?

    Tomoko xx

  7. Rachel,
    The lst time I felt "fearless" was quite a while ago now. I roamed (and slept)in city lane ways for several nights. Told my family and people around me what I really thought of them(at the time)and smoked a big fat joint on the steps of the local police station! for this I got locked up in a psych ward. maybe "they" were right it was the time though I remember feeling unafraid