Monday, 18 July 2011


I am having a nightmare with the pool. since it has been finished it hasnt been used once, a filter has broken, the salt machine got a leak, the heating pump won't work properly, and the company who were happy to charge a fortune to do the pool have after sales service that is non existent. i am seriously considering naming and shaming this company as publicly as i can so no-one else has to put up with this kind of service. check out my pool. nice and cloudy. this has been finished for 5 months - i really really hate when a company does this - takes your money, promises the world, then leaves you up the creek. i know this is a high class problem, but it is annoying nonetheless, rachel x x x


  1. No, it's a problem. I understand Rachel. No company should take your money and keep it and do nothing for you.
    I think you should name and shame as much as you can. There is no excuse.

    It is beautiful by the way. Hope you get it clear and can enjoy it


  2. Hi Rachel,
    I'm sorry for you. I can understand your sadness. I have handcrafters in my house since March. I get new windows, new heater and so on. The dust is all around. Sometimes I have sleepless nights. This is a reason I don't write on my blog and comments, because I haven't free minutes. I hope your problem will be comming to a good end very, very soon. I cross my fingers.
    Best wishes
    Stefan xx

  3. I'd say take Wistle to the store and have her shit all over the place. One more formal complaint, if nothing happens, get the lawyers to flex their muscles. Take pictures or video of the problems, get another company to look at it. Customer service, good to see it is equally absent around the world.

  4. A problem is a problem; no need to gauge it on a class system! I would be furious as well, Rach...... It's not like some of the pools I've seen with fountains, slides and rock gardens! It's simple and elegant; perfect for lap-swims which are my favorite. I hope you get it all worked out Darlin'

    My latest "almost high class" problem is trying to decide if I want the new Alexander McQueen "skull" scarf in blue or ivory.........LOL

    Hope you're swimming soon!

  5. I'm with Rance, let Wistle the doginatrix handle it.


  6. Effing w*****s! Yes, name and shame. At the very least, if there's an office or authority or whatever that protects customer rights, let them know. And contact the company and let them know that you have done so. And write to papers.

  7. damnit. means I can't come for a dip. (I am and I am not joking.)

    I would definitely corner the idiots. Sounds like some equipment needs replacing of course; needs more than on filtering out, emptying, cleaning, nother filter, fucking pump, and HEAT. gosh. not fair. it's so pretty there. swimming is everything and I am heading out now to do it. chlorine, with cap and goggles on, I look like an insect has had her wings pinched off and some hair pulled out for a glimpse.


  8. Hola Rachel,

    Of course, they can't do what they've done and not receiving a punishment.
    As Maria says, there must be an office that protects customers rights. I think it is the best idea, they should open an investigation.

    Good Luck!!xxxx

  9. Wow, nice pool, we have a salt pool in California as well, but had to use chlorine initially. My sis runs the pool now and knows more about upkeep, let me know if you need any info.

  10. I would be angry was well. So don't blame you one bit.

    It is a shame that people are out there that does this to people. I hope you will be able to get them or at least some one to come in and fix it the correct way so that you can enjoy it. It does look like a nice pool. Best of luck and please keep us posted. Good luck.



  11. Rachel, do you remember me? I hope so. Let's take a trip back to 2005... I was going to marry your bassist Stuee. HAHAHA. Please write me. I have some things to tell you.