Thursday, 28 July 2011


My dad is coming out with his buddy Harry today to go tuna fishing -
haha - there will most definitely be a story of some kind to follow and hopefully a photo or two x


  1. Ah, these famous fishing stories, about fish that was so huge it weighed at least a ton and ONLY JUST got away! But seriously, hope it's a success.

  2. I hope it goes better than one of my Dads fishing trips on The Marray River. They were fishing for Red Fin and Murray Cod. In a small tin "Dingy"- a dingy is a small aluminium run about with a motor. They find a spot then use oars to float around it so not to disturb the fish

    Anyways, this time they were rowing the boat around when a highly poisonus black snake wrapped itself around the oars and landed in the boat

    They all freaked out..and pulled out the shotgun (As you do in Aus!) they fired the gun,missed and shot a hole in the boat. As it started to sink the snake swam away un harmed and they had to swim for their lives (The Currents in the Murray can be deadly!)

    All the Best


  3. oops! its Murray not Marray! x

  4. Always a fishing tale to tell!!
    Love Tuna, done a bit of Tuna fishing myself. Lots of fun.
    Look forward to a photo or 2.

    have fun x

  5. Now THAT is fishing.I fished Amberjack recently,what a rush and great eating!Hopefully you'll hook one,love to hear some Father/Daughter fishing stories...Cheers!

  6. What a great time that will be spending the day fishing for Tuna with your dad.

    Always fun to hear the fishing tales. Can't wait to see some pictures.

    Hope the big one did not get away.

  7. fishing stories, yarns of yarns. I had a friend used to fish for blue fin. Got to be strong, harnessed, and holding on to the pole real tight. strong fish.

  8. I wonder if fish talk about the people that got away! ;-)