Sunday, 3 July 2011


or was it just annoying?

Ah, where to begin? i have mostly been
stopping smoking
having laser eye surgery to correct my vision.

So its not surprising there has been a gap =

I dont feel so bad - amazing really -

R x


  1. And you don't have any reason to feel bad about the absence either. In fact would be kind of worrying if you chose the blog over all other things there are to do in life. But you have a good heart, bless you.

    I've been collecting pine cones, lots of pine cones, with a red-haired lil' lad who's one of those rare people with light inside and am currently convinced that the electric fan is the best invention ever in the wjole history of the world. Oh, and nothing but nothing beats swimming in the sea and floating in the sea on your back, the sun on your face.

    (Continued) Good luck with the work and the quitting attempt!

  2. Ha, just as I logged on here, Ghost in your Room came on. One of my favs of yours. ANywho can't say it's at all annoying, more curiosity as to what's up with you. Very curious about your laser eye surgery as I am pondering getting it done. Glad to hear all is well Rachel.

  3. Hola Rachel,

    How was the laser eye surgery?? I've been thinking about having it because my vision is really bad. My brother just had it two weeks ago and he is very happy.

    By the way, I was going home the other day, after work, and suddenly the police told me that I had to access my house some other way. Why?? Because Pedro Almodóvar, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and some other actors and film directors were around. The street where I live is full of cinemas, and now it has become the Spanish film stars walk. So they were inaugurating their stars. I saw them in the distance. Here is a video in youtube:

    Pedro says that he doesn't know if he deserves it, but he is really happy and apreciates it. He also says that he normally goes to those cinemas. I've never seen him...:(

    I hope you are doing well with your work. Good luck on quitting smoking!!!


  4. Rachel,

    Just missed ya, figured you were busy, given your new project 'n all. Fonder, always fonder:)
    Sure is alot going on for you. Let us know about your Laser surgery, I hear it is miraculous.

    Happy this Sunday, that you swung by your blog.

    Good luck with quitting smoking!


  5. Good on you,at every front.You're missed to be sure.

  6. Had laser work done years ago and it really is astonishing.

    Where I come from they do one eye at a time in case the laser goes nuts and burns a hole in the back of your head. People can live productive lives with one hole, but with two holes you’re on your way to becoming a bowling ball. That's why we don't have three eyes.

    Writing symphony music while trying to quit smoking should lead to some angry music. Many violins have been smashed in the process and one wouldn’t think that a tuba could be jammed up anyone’s ass, but it can be done!

    Warning: Quitting cigarettes can be dangerous to members of a symphony. Some may have to hit notes they didn't even know existed.

    PS; absence is the greatest healer of all time. There’s no other way to mend a broken heart.

    Tommy D_____

  7. wait! You wrote "stopping smoking"? The font was or it is so wee here, I had read "shopping, smoking...". and I thought (I did), "well tra-la-la-lady".

    Now I think, FABULOUS!!!! If I can quit smoking (by the way) ANYONE CAN!!!! If I find out I quit too late, well I will go back to being a rotten example. xo

    Also now, I need to put my glasses on. Tricky thing is, I wear them and I read for a long time, I go away from reading and so I take them off and I can't see a damn thing around me. I'm glad you can see. xo

  8. Yes, you are missed and I always appreciate a new post. THanks for the rare chance to get a glimpse into the working life of a professional musician and all the fun bits you share with us.

    Busy here too ... have spent the last year or so living with my mum who has dementia/Alzheimers. Last week we moved her to memory care unit in an assisted living facility. Very difficult, not something I am good at.

    Sorry to hear about Pete's mum passing - I think she was born the same year as my father, 1923.

    My son graduated from UCSD in June - entering uncertain waters of the job market here.

    Relocating to my home which resembles a 4 bedroom science project.

  9. Hi Rachel,
    Just a treat to always hear from you. Missed you.
    Good luck on quiting smoking. Also on your Laser surgery.
    Keep us posted.
    Take care,

  10. Say more stuff. Its been five days. Do you realize how long that is?

  11. p.s. Luck with the not smoking. When I quit I used a drug called bupropion which worked just like magic. I also took up yoga and jogging and weight lifting.

    Its not easy and I missed it in a very painfull way for 3 months. But Not smoking becomes normal after a time. Then the danger is in having 'one smoke' and ending up right back where you started. That happened to me the first time.

    Im a happy non-smoker now. I cant believe it. I quit. Im so thankful.

  12. How is the symphony coming?????????


  13. I'm glad to hear the good news!
    Denise x

  14. Hi Rachel, just to let you know that I’m not sitting idle while you gallivant around town seeing everything with a new clarity and talking it up with strangers. I’ve been talking to others as well....

    Hi Deb, I know you’re not looking for a lot of new business, but Steve thought you would probably appreciate some new clients.

    An old school buddy of Steve’s moved to Tennessee, but he didn’t like it down there so he’s moving back to Hamilton. He said he wanted to get his two dogs groomed as soon as he gets back. Steve told him that his great-aunt was great at grooming and had her own place. Buddy wanted your phone number and address but Steve didn’t have it at his fingertips, so he told Buddy he would get back to him.

    I sent Buddy an e-mail with your phone number and address. He replied that he would be at your shop on Wednesday morning at 9:30 sharp. He wants both Ripper and Snarly washed and groomed and would like to pick both of them up on Friday, either at your shop or at your home.

    Steve said he doesn’t expect any “commission” for the reference he gave you, but if you want to shoot him a couple of bucks, he’ll take it.

    Here’s Buddy with his two dogs. Buddy says Ripper and Snarly are really friendly and docile most of the time and this video doesn’t really capture their gentle nature, but it’s the ONLY video he has of the two of them together. Buddy said that Ripper is usually more layback than Snarly, but he said Ripper thinks that all cars are despicable and he hates to get washed.

    I’ll talk to you next Thursday. Let me know how everything goes.

    PS; Buddy asked if you take cheques and Steve told him “yes” provided that it is signed with a quill dipped in the Ripper’s blood. Buddy said “Great, because I don’t like to carry cash with me. You never know who might be around.”

    With love,

  15. Good going on the stopping smoking Rachel. Also, on Laser Eye surgery, a little scary, but well worth it, I had my left eye done about 2 years ago and love to read now. Miss ya Rachel.

  16. I never forgot my original Rachel fans... Suesjoy, Sabrina, the Ballerina, the list goes on and on. It's been nearly 7 years.