Sunday, 31 July 2011


Back to reality on tuesday - wistle and i are getting the train back to london - but mi maid of honour at a friends wedding on friday which im looking forward too - off to rigby and peller to get a corset thursday - i kid ye not. vivienne westwood dress, very un-croissant-forgiving.
my dad caught a 15kg tuna! which is pretty amazing -
i went sailing on molly yesterday with pete -
we're having a barbecue tonight which my dad is cooking. we went to the butchers and he got steaks that weigh more than i did when i was born - and i was not a small baby - potato shaped as you well know.

be well, rachel x

ps. i should point out that it is not my dad in the photo -


  1. Haha, that's a good size fish, did ya eat it? Nothing like cow on the Q. A corset? That's a bit of a throwback isn't it? I suppose a photo is in order to see how spectacular you look in the westwood dress. Sounds like an action packed week.

  2. It sounds like you had a great day of sailing and fishing. Glad to here your dad did catch a fish. Enjoy the BBQ this evening.

    Sounds like a busy week for you. Have fun shopping. Enjoy the Wedding. Would love to see you in the dress you will be wearing for standing in the wedding. You and Wistle have a safe trip back to London. Have a grand time Friday at the wedding.


  3. Nice fish! Respectable size. And the weather looked great for fishing, and a sail on Molly.

    Ooh, Vivienne Westwood :). Corsets always make me think of sucking it all in and having strings pulled super super tight. I bet you don't need it, and I bet you'll be gorgeous. How are you wearing your hair?

    Enjoy the fresh Tuna and Steaks, a little surf 'n turf.

    A train from France to London sounds fun. Never taken a long train ride myself. Safe travels.


  4. And I was thinking your dad is rather well-preserved... And looks like there's no need for those famous fishing stories, quite a handsome catch!

    A corset? Are you quite sure you've thought this through properly?

    It does sound like you've had an absolutely fabulous time in France - hope the last day is in the same being, and of course that the wedding will be a smashing party!

  5. Er, "hope the last day is in the same vein".

  6. hey there, I'm a maid of honour too! no corset but I have some black lace to honour everyone with ;-o

    Funny about the pic. And ha-ha about the steaks.

    Have a safe trip and note kindly please that you're wearing vivienne for us all.


  7. Well I've been suffering from writers block for the last few days..Today was my parents 57 wedding anniversary and I could not think of a thing to write on their card.

    So forgive my lack of response. I love seeing your pictures. So exotic in England and France. I love it. And reading your stuff. You really should be writing a column for some cool magazine. Thanks for sharing :-).


    I can't believe Amy Winehouse died. I am shocked. And that never happens to me. I never get shocked by death. She was so fucking good. I loved her talent, and understood her habits. She was so beautiful.

    I read an interview by her and she mentioned a group called The Specials, who I never heard of and so I've been exploring their stuff all week. Awesome band. That whole skinhead thing in your country, back then, with the ska and reggae and all of that is fascinating. I've really been enjoying it!

  8. Didn't think that was your dad........a bit green around the gills!

    Glad you had a good time~ Love Tuna in the li-le cans: No Bones!

  9. A lovely Maid of Honor you'll make.Happy all 'round then.Cheers!