Tuesday, 7 June 2011

JE SUIS.....

.... en france.

avec Skrapovsky - brainstorming my new project.

It's a good one - as soon as i can i will tell all.

Rach x


  1. Hola!!

    Good luck with your project, I hope you'll have great ideas for it.

    I've been skating for a while after work because I have my exam on the 23rd. I need to practice, but I don't have time...we'll see.

    Give Skrapovsky a kiss from me, I love the name.


  2. Is Skrapovsky being helpful with the brainstorming?

    In any case, best of luck with it and looking forward to hearing all about it!!

    Sun, computer science and Hamlet (RSC version starring David Tennant) for me today.

  3. Bonjour Rachel!

    Aww, I can imagine the meeting with you and Skrappy! cuddles and kisses :).

    Ooh, "brainstorming", I like the sound of that!
    Look forward to hearing about your new project.

    hug for Monsieur Skrapovsky.


  4. Solar flares are the largest ever,limit your exposure just to be safe(skin cancer).Otherwise have fun,and don't keep us waiting too long!

  5. I can just imagine how Skrappy must have been so excited to see you jumping all over you and those dogie kisses.
    That sounds interesting your brain storming. And a new project to boot. It all sound wonderful.
    Can't wait to hear about it.
    Have fun

  6. If you run into Gaspard Ulliel, tell him " Bonjour!" and that he should really make more American films....YOWZA

    Enjoy, France, Darling~


  7. Hi Rach’ I hope you’re enjoying the sun and relaxation and mindset in France.
    I’ve never been to France, so I don’t know what I’m missing.
    Some things are left better that way.
    Have you ever been to France – No.
    Do you miss it – I can’t say.
    Welcome to France, have you come here to play.

    Rach - that’s just short for Rachel, where I come from.
    May I call you that?
    Even if you said yes, I probably won’t.
    I don’t like it; it’s too abrupt for me.
    I like the “el” sound, it rounds it all out.
    Rach by itself is just too manly, agree?

    I’ve never been to France, but there are pockets I’m told.
    Pockets of people, and of all strange things, they are fans.
    Pockets of fans of country music all throughout.
    Without being to France I have learned
    That Jerry Lewis is a riot, a genius, and what have you.

    So anyway, it got me to thinking
    If someday you’re out there driving around
    And you hit one of these country pockets
    And you want to travel with them,
    Cause you want to fit right in, I thought
    What better to do than to send Rachel
    Something decent for the countryside.

    There are pockets of people in France that actually like this stuff.
    At first glance this seems so strange, until we look around....
    Pockets and pockets and more pockets, they are everywhere.
    From Bonn to Singapore from Leningrad Stockholm and London – pockets!
    Wherever we go, by land or by sea, we find pockets of country –
    Here’s Blackie and The Rodeo Kings with Sarah Watkins.