Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Internet back on - today - the day i am leaving.
weather fabulous! today - the day i am leaving.
ah well, i get to see my guys in london and especially the ever -invincible, undying Spuddo.
Always hate saying goodbye to Skrapovsky -
Finally got permission from the mayor to go ahead with the colours for painting of the outside of the house -
so its all good -
love rach x


  1. Always keep in mind that you have the 'ideal' life. You could be living in Collinsville, Illinois without having a vacation in years ;)
    Life is good!
    Denise x

  2. It's gorgeous here in Bucks County today~ I'm redecorating the Homestead; picked out some lovely plaid fabric for the family room chairs and the pillows will be a grass green Toile. New white pine, Cane bed and armoire....chairs for the sitting area etc. Love to re-do and make everything new again. The husband is pleased but will miss the darker furniture, I think!

    When can Skrapovsky come with you to London and meet Spuddo & Co?

    Post again soon, Rach!


  3. Hooray, for everything getting back to normal Rachel.
    Skrappy enjoyed you, and your guys in London will be happy to see you. Do you ever travel with Skrappy?

    Mr. Spud, big hugs buddy.

    Congrats on the approval for the house colours.
    Weather is warm and sunny here, 90 degrees, I have the day off, but alas am down with some Flu. Oh well. A kiss for all the pooches.


  4. Always better to leave knowing things are in tiptop shape, rather than total disarray. Still find it hilarious about your colour scheme and the Mayor's office. That's Monty Python material there.

  5. Glad to see you have the Internet back. Great weather to leave France by so you did not get wet as you leave. And you got to see they guys and yes the one and only Spuddo.
    That is great news you get to paint the house with the colors you wanted.
    Hugs to all your doggies and to you. Have a safe trip. And here is to great weather back home for you. :)
    Take care,

  6. I have a dog burrowing between my hip and the arm of the chair(dropped a pretzel crumb).My tomatos are growing like crazy. I got to ride my motorbike tonight.Life is good.Etheral ear rubs to Spuddo, Heesagooodboy!...

  7. Bea is ever the undying, too, I'm glad to report. Wanting to know the colours you needed permission for. I am guessing we will see sometime later. Shame you cannot bring the doggies back and forth with you. My sympathies there. Travel safe but surely you are not following the rain?

  8. What colors pray tell!! Inquiring minds always want to know. Kisses to all dogs