Sunday, 5 June 2011


My forearm is not that big and my nose is not that small. its not easy taking a picture of oneself - but at least no-one is capturing a piece of my soul.
Off to France tomorrow - can't wait - lots to do -
hope you are all well-
ps spud still hanging on in there. i think he may have a portrait of himself in the attic 


  1. Yup, photographs are seldom "as is". However, you look fabulous as usual in that picture, camera trickery has got nothing on you.

    I keep having to save bees. They keep flying in through the open window. I think they think the flowers in my curtains are real, poor things.

    Busy summer as I've taken up computer science studies but for now I'm outta the door to enjoy the summer day which is once again perfect.

    Have a wonderful time in France, and best wishes to Spud.

  2. I love your hair that way. Wish I could set off for France whenever I wanted. What a life you live. sigh.

  3. I know about taking a picture of oneself not being easy. I do not have five chins! so.

    viva la grasse

    and, thanks for the portrait on spud. we have been wondering. Bea is also on the skids, I'm afraid. so, salud! salud!

    I love your hair!

  4. Morning Rachel, I like this one of you. Well, yes, the forearm is a not true shape.
    Safe travels to France, busy, busy, busy.
    I am pleased to hear about Spud, I have been thinking about him. ah, Spud In The Attic, I like.
    I watched a horror show recently, about a demon who took photos of people and stole their soul in the process. Not here, and not in real life though. haha.
    I'm hanging in there.


  5. Spud-Dorian-Greyhound !! LOL

    I once sat and tried to take a photo of've done much better than I.

    Bon Voyage, Mon Ami


  6. Hola Rachel,

    Your hair looks beautiful and you look fab, yes!! Have a good trip to France and enjoy your stay there.

    I went to a Michael Jackson party yesterday, it was good fun, I love his music.

    Glad to know about Spud. Yes, he may have a portrait of himself, and it's working.


  7. Hi Rachel. This self photo of you is cool. I like it. You are very photogenic. You look marvelous. Glad Spud is doing well. And you have a safe fun trip to France. Say hi to Skrappy. Enjoy and have fun.
    I have been enjoying reading and sitting my my koi pond and feeding them. It is so relaxing. Great Therpy. :)

  8. Silly Rachel....that's what photoshop is for, to cover up the lies ha! Hope all is well. Glad your sweet dog is doing well. Love the long hair!

    Molly xo

  9. I refuse to get out the tripod and learn how to use the self timer. Thinking of Spud and the dogs we had while married, good and faithful companions.

  10. First of all your beautiful.

    I'm happy to see you posting. Your one of my favorite artist. I love what you did in Kew.

    I don't comment on sites much...but let me say that its real good to see that your still out there making things happen.

  11. See?

    You look at this picture and think "Wow, my forearm looks big."

    I look at this picture and think "Wow, her hair looks great long."

    Silly goose.