Wednesday, 23 February 2011


i dont know why - but i do. there is a fabulous little restaurant in the old town square here where i drink strong coffee and smoke. Im sure i will write some of the lyrics for Almodovar whilst i sit right here. It is run by the most adorable people who treat me like a star and are very sweet about my bad french. they smile kindly as i tell them that in london i am a golden retriever and that i love to snow in the morning.


  1. That's so poetic though. 'In London I am a golden retriever/. I love to snow in the morning.' Beautiful. :-)

    I'm sure the people who run the restaurant love it that you try in their language, however imperfect it might be!

    I would love to see the town square and its buildings. Wish we had buildings like that here. I imagine secrets behind those shutters, and echoes of all the people who have lived there during centuries past. But I also like them, the shutters, because they make the buildings look friendly.

  2. Not familiar with the expression love to snow in the morning. Must be a doggy thing. I initially thought you wrote snore in the morning. This prompted another take at your post. Hopefully the weather co-operates and you can hang outside for a bit. Always great to find a comfortable place where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came do do do.............nevermind.......cheers.........

  3. Interpretation: You have golden retrievers in London that love to run in the snow in the morning. Something like that?

  4. love the photo. It has that "charming" appeal.
    hmm, I shall ponder the morning thing for awhile...So, what would you tell people in London who you are in France?

  5. I work for a French company now and am debating whether or not I should try learning French. I think I am going to try even though I doubt I'd be fluent enough to carry on a full business conversation.

    My boss who is French said even he has trouble talking to the French CIO because he uses very old-fashioned expressions and terminology.

  6. What a nice cozy street to take a walk down. Very charming.

  7. ha-ha! I think I might say: car up tree drove my house

    not sure.

    I was very lucky to see France once (for one month!). I adore my memories of being in Paris. Thank you for the picture, and for a taste somewhat of strong coffee. ahhh!

  8. I love shutters too! (grew up in New Orleans - no shortage of French-style shutters there)

    Nice pic, Rachel. It looks so wonderfully dingey there. I'd feel right at home.