Monday, 28 February 2011


In order to write,  i have to do only 2 things.

1. stay in one spot and be still
2. have a quiet mind

Sounds easy doesnt it.
For someone who lives on coffee and cigarettes, doesnt meditate, spends an awful lot of time in self obsession and has an ego the size of a dragon - its not so easy.

But once i get out of my own way, its not so bad. xxxxxxx
love love love


  1. it's probably difficult at first, to be still and quiet, but once your body gets used to it.....then you find the peace.

  2. I'm sure it takes you with it as soon as you get properly into it.

  3. Ah ha, the caffeine must be in full force over there Rachel. I caught up to all of your posts here, and watched the videos on your youtube channel. Looks like you're in a good groove. Hope you're week continues to be productive.

  4. I would kill for a space of no distractions.


  5. Be still, and know that you are a GODDESS!

    (I am paraphrasing some guruji...).


  6. I echo Gina (again, I'm looking for a "Like" button) (FB has changed us).

    Being still is definitely hard. Especially of mind. But once you get on a roll of stillness, I'm sure you're fine.

    It's all about inertia.